Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud

Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud will help specially the naives to cloud storages like iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files. There are users who are not even aware that these are Cloud Based services or even if are aware are not careful about the points we always say about – security on the Cloud. So this article, Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud, is basically for the users who do not know the technical part how Cloud Storage works. It is matter of fact, we sometimes can not afford the time to know everything, even if we do have the wish.


Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud : Basics


Many of the users  surely has different kind of data stored in the cloud, hosted in some type storage service Dropbox , email applications such as Gmail or web services such as Facebook. And many of us probably do not take the proper safety precautions. Although certain methods of attack which goes beyond our control, such as the so-called social engineering attacks – including the one one iCloud account before is likely to become prime example – if one want to give an effort to put a lock on own data to make it more secure; there are several methods to prevent the intruders from gaining access to the personal information. As we have said, this article Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud is very basic article, if you are not a basic user, you might want to read more advanced in depth articles on Cloud Storage or Cloud Security by searching on our website for previously published articles.


Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud


Tips For Maintaining Security of Data in the Cloud

Ideally, user names and passwords should be unique for each service so that the violation of one does not give access to the other. Passwords should be quite difficult to guess even if can guess some of your personal data like date and place of birth and contain numbers and uppercase letters that make it even easier to guess a password.

When possible, data should be encrypted. Essentially the encryption software will make the information unreadable to anyone who does not have the password. As with any security mechanism takes a bit extra effort from the hacker. This means at least the user needs to remember the password of services such as FileVault, which offer encryption as a standard feature. Losing access key means losing access to data. For background cloud the best security is achieved by encrypting from the client-side, because as said before on these services in the cloud that often involve the possession of the keys from the provider, which makes you potentially most vulnerable.

It may be useful to protect through the Two-factor authentication, which requires the login username, password and a unique code sent upon request to login to a device that is physically belongs to the data owner. For Google Accounts, for example, it is a message sent via SMS to a mobile. It is also important to back up the data locally.

It may be wise to delete the files when no longer needed. In an era of unlimited online storage, it can be difficult to think to invest a little time, but being able to keep some personal information in old emails and old files, which are stored for years in the same service, it is a potential source of insecurity.

Just like the precautions one takes for going around the streets, even when surfing the internet one have to be awake. Use antivirus softwares tfor Windows based computers. Pay attention to potential access to the wi-fi network, change the password periodically. Pay attention to the link to which you click while browsing.



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