Cloud Computing Services as Business : Investment and ROI

Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Computing Infrastructure can be good fields as startup business. As we are saying about business, investment and ROI arrives. As for business, always few things are quite important to know and it is better to have a masters’ degree on Business Management or equivalent knowledge for actual mathematical calculation of Investment and Return of Investment. Against one such linked article on Return of Investment, a quite good blogger wrote – there is no Return of Investment in blogs. Its wrong. As we can see, the ROI is nearly 2.0 or 200% after satisfying some criterion. That is, for $100 investment, the return will be of $200. Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Computing Infrastructure are more bigger way for earning money and definitely needs many aspects to know and learn.


Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Computing Infrastructure : Preface for Beginners


Cloud Computing Services – be it Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) or complex service like Database as a Service (DaaS) requires less investment than Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The primary reasons are – there is no need of having own data center in case of the previous models but IaaS, additionally, number of employees needed is far less for the same sequence. Interested readers on IaaS can read the article on how to build own Data Center. Other important articles on Cloud Computing Services as Business are :



Cloud Computing Services as Business : Investment and ROI


Cloud Computing Services as Business

Regarding Investment, least is for SaaS, as basically a SaaS can be delivered within PaaS, IaaS is ideal but not mandatory. So it becomes less but ROI is raw figure is also less, so unless the market is extended, that is the client base is huge, it is not much of practical benefit. PaaS is the ideal model for the most and it basically keeps the balance between these two things.

IaaS is definitely most elegant, requires more investment and ROI at least initially is less. However, as for delivering IaaS a model of physical property is present (building, land, servers etc. – establishments), a setup for IaaS has practically no negative ROI.



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