Cloud Computing : Trends For 2013

Cloud Computing Trends For 2013 can give more pressure to keep the cost of cloud under control and definitely Amazon’s competitors are becoming stronger. In 2012 is cloud computing came out of hiding in the shadows into the Free and Open Source market. That is according to many analyst is one of the key summaries of the past twelve months. Some points we said in the 31st December’s article. So, actually Cloud Computing Trends For 2013 is quite important topic from various aspects.


Cloud Computing Trends For 2013 : Preface


In short, the cloud cloud will use 2013 really to the fullest. Cloud services and platforms would be integrated into the formal IT portfolio. This leads to substantial changes in the culture and the approaches of cloud investments. Against this background from various IT and Business Management Analysts, this article on Cloud Computing-Trends For 2013 is written.


Cloud Computing : Trends For 2013


First of all we possibly try not the noob way to think or claim that everything can be moved to the cloud. There is clear distinction between what actually fits into the cloud computing platform and what does not fits at all. Cloud Computing does have clear cut difference between the traditional model of virtual infrastructure in order to meet the architectural, including network related smart decisions. These points are important factors for considering the move in to the cloud computing platform.

Cloud Computing Trends For 2013

Second important point is that Cloud computing and Mobile computing are getting very closer. Mobile apps are only valuable if they are connected via the Internet to the back-end services that are probably no longer hosted in its own data center, but somewhere in the cloud. Cloud-based back-end services could respond elastically to mobile client user. Moreover, now almost any SaaS application has a mobile client or mobile version.


Third is more stress on cloud service and related SLA. As Amazon had / has no clear SLA and people / users / enterprises are loving SLA, this is a big factor.

Despite high standardization in cloud computing, it is wrong to equate cloud services with mass-produced goods. Cloud services are offered with high-end hardware and GPUs, SSDs and other quality infrastructure options. This offer will be extended in 2013. Last point is that, Cloud Computing will be no more Amazon only.


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