Useful Accessories for Digital Photography

Useful Accessories for Digital Photography can enhance your practice of Digital Photography. It includes Microfibre cloth, blower, monopod and some more things. We need useful Accessories for Digital Photography does not mean, we have to buy each and every accessories available in the market.  This is the basic reason to write and sum up the most Useful Accessories for Digital Photography both to save your camera and your wallet.


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Do not say by looking at the computer’s screen ! Basically we want to say, for each of these accessories, we have added typically one hyperlink to older article which can be very helpful. We have made the linked webpages to open in new window, so that after reading one paragraph of the listed accessory in this article, you can click the link, read that linked article, after reading that (obviously if you already know about it, you will not read it) article – continue reading the next paragraph in this article.

There are reasons why we have made this article in this way. You will develop a converged idea about the accessories and you will not need to Google search it to get more than one paragraph of information in this article.


Useful Accessories for Digital Photography


A microfiber cloth and a mini towel


A Lint-free, anti-static microfiber cloth that do to attract dust and absorbs oil is an essential accessory so as for all parts of you digital camera and possibly for cleaning your screens. It is a good idea to label the microfiber cloth with parts specific name – Lens, Body, Others etc. If you clean the lens with a microfiber cloth which you have used for cleaning the body, it can add more dirt. Good quality Microfiber cloth are available in Apple Premium Reseller shops, usually with a excellent fluid. They are of highest quality and cost a bomb. There are reasons why they are costly. The colors of the micro fibers are made in a way so that it keeps the Mac’s finish and color long lasting. The edges are hand sewed or finely machine sewed.

Also practical to keep a mini towel, so that you can occasionally wipe your equipment in case of rain. This small towel, better known under the name of various guest towel is made ??of cotton and measures approximately 30 cm in all dimensions or 50 cm in all dimensions. It is easy to find in stores like Ikea and most supermarkets or shopping malls. Do not buy these things online.

A blower

An inexpensive blower can remove much of the dust particles on the sensor, body and lens. Unlike a can of compressed air, the use of a blower is safe for the sensor.

A hood for your lens

For each lens, there is a definite pattern of hood (diameter, shape, length) available. It is screwed over the lens and is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the lens. Contrary to popular belief and despite its name, hood is also very useful in bad weather (it partially protects from rain) and on cloudy days or indoors (to limit the incident rays of light).

Read article on Hood for more details

A good Tripod

Tripod is a must-have accessory for long exposures, tripod provides stability for night photography, macro photography,and landscape photography. Several points are to be checked before getting one: maximum weight supported, the quality of the ball (the device must remain in the desired position when you remove your hands), the weight of the tripod (carbon is more lighter, but more expensive), the maximum and minimum height and handling. To a lesser extent, the monopod can also provide good stability (sports photography or animal), especially with a heavy telephoto lens.

Read the full article on Tripod

A set of Filters

Filters acts in dual way – first it gives many optical effects in special situations, second it protects the lens from dust, mud, water droplets, sand etc. We are linking to three articles on filters :



Useful Accessories for Digital Photography




Usually these are more than enough for average to semi pro digital photography. Obviously, if you go for underwater photography, a filter is useless; whereas a silicon casing is a must need.


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