What is Cloud Computing – Video Tour

What is Cloud Computing Video Tour explains the models of Cloud Computing, i.e. Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. This What is Cloud Computing Video Tour is fully for the users who have never understood this foggy term Cloud, definitely not for an advanced user.


What is Cloud Computing Video Tour : Our Previous Publications


What is Cloud Computing is itself a published article – you can read it here. However, we gave more stress on the Cloud Computing Service models, which is the traditional way to start learning about Cloud Computing.


What is Cloud Computing Video Tour : What are covered and What are not


Within 12 minutes video, practically nothing can be said about Cloud Computing in detail. Still, possibly it will help the new users as most this type of What is Cloud Computing video are created by the cloud computing service providers, who obviously at the end of the video claims to offer the best possible service.

We have not covered Private cloud and hybrid cloud. We have not covered Cloud Storage. Our basic idea is to make the user more used with public cloud. The basic reason is to make the users aware of the security issues, particularly with free public cloud based storage and backup.

What is Cloud Computing - Video Tour

Although we have not said a single line about cloud storage and the security issues; possibly this video will help in basic understanding which will be the base for understanding the articles written in depth about the security issues plus the questions like, what is the cloud in cloud computing will probably be less asked !

Scalability, Availability, Redundancy – these associated phrases are not discussed, one can search within this website for respective broader explanation which are probably more suitable as textual article rather than a video.



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