What is Cloud Computing ?

What is Cloud Computing ? This is probably one of the most asked question right now because of emergence of Mobile based Applications with a terminology which sounds kind of pathetic to a new user – SaaS. Most importantly, if you search with the whole phrase What is Cloud Computing ? in Google Web Search, it will return you a special kind of search result. You will see the funny image of the search result return for searching with the terminology – What is Cloud Computing ?.


What is Cloud Computing ?


Cloud Computing is nothing new concept. The idea of Cloud Computing was Professor John McCarthy, who was the person behind the concept of Artificial Intelligence, Lisp and many other things, most of which proved to be effective after 50 years or so. If you have an existing idea about Grid Computing, then you will understand the concept of Cloud Computing fast, else read the hyperlinked article first.

Here is a Table of contents for this article on what is Cloud Computing to make you easily read. Please read carefully, we nave nothing to sell anything to you, there is absolutely no business trick. Click anywhere, any link without any fear.

Table of Contents

Cloud Computing by academic classification is not a technology. The enabling technology is virtualization. Virtualization is nothing but, makes a computer to divide in to virtually separate multiple computers. That is what we use for Virtual Private Server. For easy understanding,  apply the idea of virtualization with Grid Computing.

Possibly, most of you have read the in detail article on Cloud Computing. If you click the link, it will open on new window. This will help you to keep both pages open. It is not possible to guess, how much practically need to know! So we have arranged in an easy manner for all.

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Definition of Cloud Computing


Basically all of us use minicomputer or microcomputer. The servers are also such because of microprocessor based hardware structure. If we want very elastic hardware as if the processor is like a rubber band, you can practically make it bigger by applying physical effort; this Cloud Computing plays a big role. It is normally not possible. So we have to use some extra software and suitable networking tools to give a kind of such feel.

So far, no standard definition of Cloud Computing could generally could be accepted. There are commonly used definitions that are similar, but they vary at various points. A definition that is most often used in professional circles, is the definition of the U.S. standardization body NIST “ Cloud computing is a model that allows on demand, anytime, anywhere convenient access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) quickly and with minimal management effort via a network.

As like you actually can not extend a rubber band to an infinite length, even if you do too much pulling and releasing, it will either become a kind of pathetic thing that lost to shrink or will break. This happens due to elastic fatigue. As everything in this World is governed by Physics (if you slap me, I will get angry and probably try to return it back – classical college campus example of Newton’s Third Law – For Every Action performed There is an equal and opposite reaction); Cloud Computing does have limit. It is not that you can increase a specific Cloud structure to have infinite GB RAM, because the physical RAM i not present.

Now as it is a matter of fact, we as user never use 2GB RAM 100% time we work. If we share the excess in a strategy, the amount becomes virtually bigger, if we can add extra computers on demand, it becomes virtually elastic. This is the basic of your Cloud Computing.

You probably got interested to know about SaaS like things, that is what we have explained in very easy language in our Cloud Computing Service Models and Deployment article.


Videos, Other useful articles on Cloud Computing


Some video are always helpful to make a general person understand. But, there are some commonly used abbreviations and terminologies. We are listing only which are very important on knowing what is Cloud Computing.

  • Cloud Computing : The range of cloud computing as part of services offered covers the complete spectrum of information technology and includes, among other things, infrastructure (such as processing power, disk space), platforms and software has been discussed.
  • Cloud Computing Abbreviations : Cloud Computing Abbreviations are most commonly used on Internet Blog and News related websites than in Books.
  • Our All Articles on Cloud Computing : Bookmark it. This is so big, that you’ll need huge time to read.

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What is Cloud Computing ?


Google is telling you via web search, what is Cloud Computing :

What is Cloud Computing


To get a top rank via Google Ads (that is AdWords), you will need to Pay a huge – its around $20.00 per click. You probably went thoughtful why the click costs so high ? Because Cloud Computing services needs zero infrastructure. You can buy from the original supplier and sell to a client in the way they want.

Except WikiPedia, it is very hard to find any non profit website, regardless of the content to get in the place in organic search as there are SEO who are highly paid by the commercial websites. Wikipedia copy pastes as their profit model is to ask for money to run the server. We have lot of articles on Cloud Computing, we started when ‘Cloud Computing’ was not so popular, it was of academic interest.

Cloud Computing actually is good from user’s end – pay what you need. We have shown in various free models, actually we can use the top notch infrastructure within the free quota. Kindly download the Free Cloud Computing PDF from below link.

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We hope your confusion about, what is Cloud Computing has been cleared up. Now, at least no one can make you a fool to sell some services.

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