Building Your Own PaaS : Introduction

Building Your Own PaaS is easy as one can use any suitable Infrastructure as a Service and prepare the required servers to run any Open Source PaaS software. This is named as Introductory article for Building Your Own PaaS as we want to give you the options and possibility and in subsequent guides, we will gradually provide you the step by step guides for some of the options for Building Your Own PaaS.


Building Your Own PaaS : Why and When to Have Own


Now, one might ask, what is the need for Building our own PaaS, when there are so many IaaS and PaaS providers are already in the market ?

This guide uses the terminologies and aberrations which are standard and has been described in Cloud Computing Service Models. Now coming back to the question, the first reason can be dividing your resource in a controlled way, for your developers or your company’s employees. Secondly, the structure with required modifications are quite nice as alternative code hosting software option.

Second reason can be to resell the IaaS as a ready made Web Hosting solution. There can be other reasons, obviously.


Building Your Own PaaS : Options


When we are talking about building our own PaaS, we have two variables – one is the IaaS provider and the second one is which PaaS software to use.


Building Your Own PaaS

The IaaS provider


The IaaS can be OpenStack based – like Rackspace, HP cloud etc. It is possible to use non-OpenStack IaaS like Amazon with or without changes in the codes of PaaS.


The PaaS software


There are two prominent softwares. AppFog is a PaaS. It is built on Cloud Foundry, the Open Platform as a Service Project, all codes are available on Github plus user – customized versions.

Second software is the Redhat OpenShift PaaS Engine. This is also fully free software.

There are other options too, but possibly these two can make your selection more precise. Possibly Redhat OpenShift is more flexible, but that is our personal opinion, you must select or test as per your need.



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