Cloud Computing : Your Concerns and Thoughts of Richard Stallman

Cloud Computing as terminology raises the eyebrows of some users who are associated with academics and computing for many years. There are certain reasons for publishing this article. Few days ago, one of our follower on Google Plus raised an important point – that is the security points of Cloud Computing. Definitely, security is a concern; but there are other concerns as well. Basically these points are written many a times. Our view on Cloud Computing is – Lick the honey, but do not chew the spoon. That definitely needs quite good knowledge about Computing itself. Keep in mind – science is always free; there is no copyright for any remarkable Law or Hypothesis associated with science.


Cloud Computing : Your Concerns and Thoughts of Richard Stallman


This website has many things that apparently looks like – as a human we are not following the path of GNU, which often create a confusion apparent from the site searches those who actually know about me as a human. These includes the topics like :


  • Microsoft Windows 7 tutorials
  • Opinions and Guides on Cloud Computing
  • Guides and Reviews on Apple Products


The first thing is that, in order to run a website and carry the huge cost of web hosting, many technical and other things; we need to depend on what the end users’ want. An innocent who has bought an OEM PC with pre-installed Windows, has not done any crime. It is abnormal and inhuman to us to state – do not use Windows 7 but use any GNU operating system. He / She has paid the money, no one will give it back. What we basically say – you are using that is fine, but consider GNU softwares; they are far better from many aspects. Our way is to help the user to get the maximum from a product he/she has paid. The basic reason why there is no guide on Windows 8 or never will be is – Windows 7 is used by the most, Windows 8 is unlikely to be accepted by the users.

Users mean a general common person who has practically no idea about computing. If we utter quite serious words or topics like Free Software, GNU GPL; to be honest, he/she will fly away after getting confused.


Our basic target is to make users more used with Computer science, Internet, having own website : all are for the process to get connected over a huge geographical boundary. Regular users will remind the way we actually push the needed thought very politely and steadily.

In the same way, we write on Cloud Computing mostly to reduce the budget to the user. But we always give more stress on UNIX commands, Setup of GNU Operating System, to say to keep the backup ready.


Now coming to the important words often said by Richard Stallman, mostly known as rms among the followers of free software movement. You can read the important articles here :



There is an important interview as well :



Yes, at worst; Dell once wanted to buy the phrase Cloud Computing :



Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing : More Allaying Your Concerns


The ultimate thing is that, the mass people have to partially master computing, as it is not very old to the general consumers, it is difficult to explain in the required depth, right now. The person who has no idea about how to host his own WordPress, it is meaningless to explain him the difference between Free Software and Open Source Software.

That is why for Cloud Computing, basically we make you used with the UNIX commands, UNIX commands perhaps a misnomer, actually they are the command line works needed for using a server running a GNU operating system. Unknowingly you are becoming used with the way how to setup and use a GNU operating system. There is no difference in commands for setup of a server – be it on your localhost or any company. Definitely as an end user, we will hardly suggest you to lick the honey – it is idiotic to ask a common man to have a colocation setup. Unfortunately, most of us; do not have that much money. Understand it – we say, get rid of cPanel. You are getting rid of cPanel and using command line to install WordPress on Amazon, for example. Now, we wrote (in real we did), Amazon is better to avoid, along with some options those appeared to be cost effective to you. You are basically ready to use anything, any server – the commands are the same.


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