Installing WordPress via PHP Script : Cloud Sites and Other WebHosts

Installing WordPress via PHP Script is a very way to install WordPress on your Server via FTP without Shell Access. The script automatically download and unzips the compressed WordPress file from official website and delete the script after the installation is complete. There are two variants of the script – one is for the basic work and another is quite advanced; which checks the compatibility of serverside before installing WordPress.


Installing WordPress via PHP Script : Basic Needed Knowledge


WordPress is PHP MySQL based blogging software and requires some modules of Apache for proper installation. The minimum knowledge and other things required to use any of the script is :


  • Minimum knowledge to access FTP or upload the script to the root of the intended public folder.
  • Creating a MySQL database either via PHPMyAdmin or Command Line or any other method.


Installing WordPress via PHP Script : Guides and Other Resources


Basic Script For Installing WordPress


This is recommended default and you can download this script from GitHub :



Here is a video guide :



Advanced Script For Installing WordPress 


This is recommended in case you need to check the serverside. You must read the wiki page for more detailed instruction. You can download from the same webpage :



You can see the live demo here.


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