Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing

Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing includes the areas which has not reached yet what it promises. In procedural and legal matters, it is still not matured. This website has practical guides on Cloud Computing more than any non product selling or affiliate website in English Language never means, we will not highlight or make the users aware of the weaker points. What in essence we want to say, as an end user – use the cost effective benefit of Cloud Computing, be it IaaS / Cloud Server or PaaS, but prepare your base with minimum knowledge of the required technical knowledge. Frankly, transferring a website is not difficult. But transferring a company’s other aspects to and fro from own data center to Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud is not only technically difficult, it also has risks, demands more technical knowledge. What you will decide to transfer or shift, needs time to gather the knowledge by the owner. This article on Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing, might provide you some such points we noticed.


Introduction to Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing


This increases the high integration costs and a lack of confidence. Because even can integration of cloud solutions happens only at considerable expense to the enterprise IT for cloud solutions. On top of that, the best practices are missing, such as for the design of the cloud services to exit or security points to note or SLAs to check. If data is stolen or the system is hacked, the cost decreases the net revenue.

Cloud Computing enables a company to buy the IT unit quickly and flexibly, enabling businesses to build in a short time. Whether it is to launch at a local market or new products or services or a professional blog. The technologies are ready for them accordingly. Nonetheless, according to various surveys in since 2011, only use 21 percent of the companies surveyed for their usage of cloud solutions. In short, the opportunities for both sides of the cloud, providers and users, are far from being exploited as well as the weaker points are not known. Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing thus covers the faults of the users, providers as well as the technology itself.


Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing


Whether it is about an application software, computing power, memory or development environment : Most providers offer their IT solutions now and in the form of cloud computing. However, while many of the existing solutions only a buzzword, it really need not to be Cloud specific.

Theoretically it brings the cloud customers the advantage that the IT performance becomes highly scalable. As the organization grows, additional services can be readily available. There are no capacity to be reserved, which decreases capital commitment. That is the theory. What is often forgotten is that, the cloud solutions has to be integrated into the enterprise infrastructure technically and procedurally. And that often requires a large amount of time for contractual agreements and installation for agility. To really act quickly and flexibly, more standards are needed : in the technical interfaces and for the cooperation. It lacks the solutions to the existing licensing models and meaningful and attractive solutions that enable a change in the cloud models.


Other weaker points are published before :

Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing

Another practical fact is, if you start a server; regardless of actual usage, there will be a charge. Practically in the way Cloud Server / IaaS is promoted, it either should be zero (like for no bandwidth usage) or very less. This is why, on this model, we have to pay even for a 15 minutes video guide. It is not really Pay as you Go. When we do not use electricity, the billing comes down to a bare minimum.



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