How to Photograph Flowers

Flower Photography Tips are needed because even if a flower is beautiful, automatically a nice picture is not captured. Here are tips to take pictures of flowers. Taking great photographs of flowers from above generally does not work, you have to bend down. This means, especially in the case of flowers, practically relax to the ground.


Flower Photography Tips : Think like a flower


Although this rule applies to many people in many photographic genres and even more so when photographers flowers – get closer. They are not only subjectbut they are also small subjects. This means that in order to adequately fill the frame (which is always a good habit), you have to go very close to the flowers.

For this, you will want to use a macro lens, with which you can approach up to a few centimeters from the subject. If you do not own a macro lens, pay attention to the minimum distance of focus of the lens you want to use. A telephoto might tease you, given its level of magnification, but may have a minimum distance of focusing too high.

Also make sure that you get closer to dramatically reduce the depth of field. But in doing so, it increases the risk for failing to get the point of focus. When photographing flowers in their natural environment, you have no control over what is around them and that could fit into the frame. It is not uncommon to find pictures where on the foreground, the flower is beautiful, maybe even the light is good, but the background ruins everything.


How to Photograph Flowers : Less is more


Without necessarily having to end up in the minimalist photograph (which still is very attractive and even fashionable), remember that the more things you put in the picture, the more things are competing for the attention of the observer. So, try not to include too many other flowers, plants, insects or anything else in your image. Photographing closely and taking care of the background you are already a good point, because so much reduce the number of things in the frame. Of course, the fuzzy is nice, but if it is too much, the picture will interest a point, it will look like a blur in which the eye does not know where to look.

How to Photograph Flowers


Therefore, photographing the flowers closer, you will probably be forced to increase the aperture value (as I said above). You may wish to increase a lot, as you do in macro photography . And what happens at this point? At this point you will need to use artificial light, or increase the shutter speed, introducing new difficulties.

The manual focus can be facilitated by the use of live view in combination with the preview of depth of field. It consumes more battery, but it will be much easier to guess the point of focus. The tripod is definitely a needed accessory, especially if you want a finer work.



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