Adapting The Standards of Semantic Web For Our Website

Adapting The Standards of Semantic Web For Our Website Has Been Possible Because of Genesis 2.0 Beta. Thanks to Bryan and his Team for Excellent Coding. This is the first change of complete database with ~4000 articles on this website written by single person over the few years. The design is still in deployment state, there are many glitches to upgrade by a small team. Still, among the small team, there are many person; either directly or indirectly helped. Many thanks to all (credit below) and here is how we have adapted Semantic Web for our Website, which is basically a WordPress website, hosted and managed by The Rackspace Cloud on the backend.


Adapting The Standards of Semantic Web For Our Website : How The Story Went


In mid October 2011, we got hacked. It is the longest time in our history to not post for as long as nearly a week. Thanks to Mahesh specially of Masi Web Solutions for the excellent professional help. Linking to old posts right now is VERY DIFFICULT because the search is of WordPress default search. Here are some info which you can use for your website as well :


  1. How Semantic Web Works
  2. Moving WordPress Blog or Website – Full Guide For Every Situation
  3. Genesis 2.0, YARP and : Guide
  4. HTML5 : Vocabulary and Interfaces


It is obvious that, we have used more methods to ease the work. The reason of slower, step by step upgrade of design is due to the need to upload static files to CDN conditionally. There are lot of things which basically is not possible to test in a dev site.

We basically never corrected the issues with database after the malware attack in mid October 2011. Responsive design was a demand from Google AdSense to us since August-September last year. It has been good that we have not upgraded – Genesis was not even in Beta for HTML5. This time we thought to implement Semantic Web by using various standards. FOAF, for example; is not by default is optimized. Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool will not detect all the markups, right now.


Adapting The Standards of Semantic Web For Our Website


The quality of coding has indeed, reached the peak of carefulness of Genesis. There is no question of using any kind of “SEO plugin”. There is no need. Smaller 2-3 plugins are easy to debug than an All – in – One solution. We will add Twitter Card, Google Plus Interactive Posts?in next few hours. We used Rackspace Cloud Server for testing the dev site and database backup. The downtime was less than 5 min for the upgrade. This is, in short?how we have adapted Semantic Web for our Website which you can essentially follow.


Adapting The Standards of Semantic Web : Thanks List


  1. Ravi Katre and Mahesh Bisen for their ongoing support
  2. Cristina Green and Iman of Developers Media (formerly known as Lake Quincy Media) for the newer codes
  3. Bryan of Copyblogger Media for adapting and releasing HTML5 Beta – Genesis 2.0. Do not use in production site unless you have a good support backend.
  4. Rackspace Technical Team for excellent tools and Support
  5. Andres Rocha and his team from our Company
  6. Me -> The designer who modded?Bryan’s default theme of Genesis and continuously irritating the others.
  7. My Family’s excellent support, The Almighty, our Surgical Unit who tolerated my absence, Google AdWords, Google India Private Limited and many others indirectly.


The backend’s condition was very bad – after many days I am using the WYSIWYG of WordPress on this website ! It simply gave the HTML (now named text, I am not sure why HTML has become Text though). It was needed because WordPress 3.6 is definitely will break update on older, compromised installation.



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