Install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS

Install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS with few easy command. Piwik is Free Analytics Software for web, full control, does not pass information to third party. We are advocating Free, Open Source Softwares under GNU GPL 3.0 (or 2.0) since many years. You now can understand the reasons why Free Analytics Software for web is far better option for your website. Piwik is used by Free Software Foundation themselves. It is quite assuring simple because Richard M. Stallman will not use anything on FSF which has doubt. It is a download-able Software, we can use any web host which has PHP-MySQL support. OpenShift is from Red Hat and the Source Code is available too. There is nothing hidden. We used Piwik on this website before but stopped for huge consumption of resources as we use a paid platform. However, OpenShift has a free quota and can be used by anyone, fully free of cost. Even, minimal monthly payment is not bad option when Security and Privacy is an issue right now to prevent kind of data theft. Install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS with few easy command guide is intended to promote the Free Software. If you have Rackspace Cloud Sites account, you can follow our previous guide on Installing Piwik on Rackspace Cloud Sites. Obviously you can follow this guide to install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS even if you have Cloud Sites account. It will actually decrease your consumption of paid resources.


Install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS : The Basics


We will command line tool to install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS, if you are new to OpenShift, you must follow these guides :


  1. Get Started With Command Line Tool for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS 

  2. Installing Command Line Tool for Red Hat OpenShift PaaS (OS X, Video Guide)


You actually can download Piwik from official website or read documents :



However, in this guide; we will be using a special modded version of Piwik; forked in my Github repo from here – piwik-openshift .


Install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS : Steps


Open any Terminal Emulator App like Terminal or iTerm2 and run the commands :


Install PiWik on OpenShift Free PaaS

This is normal command to create a PHP application :


rhc app create -a piwik -t php-5.3
Obviously, you can change the version of PHP in future, change the name of app etc.
Add a MySQL database as Cartridge :

rhc cartridge add -a piwik -c mysql-5.1

Again, the app name and MySQL version is variable. Copy paste the username, password, and host name from command line to any text Editor.

Probably you know these are normal steps to install / push / deploy a git :

cd piwik/phprm -rf *git remote add upstream -m master git:// pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream mastergit push

Open the App in browser after few minutes, install, login and follow the normal steps for using Piwik.


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