Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server : For Whom its a Good Option

Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server costs lesser because only the pay-as-you-go charges are calculated. But unmanaged is neither intended for all nor for all usage. The cost of managed level is plus $100 per month, it might be a premium option for the most as the total cost goes near about ~ $150 per month at minimum. But, unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server has some unwritten purpose of usages, crossing it means you are taking a definite risk. This is what we will discuss in this article.


Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server : For What is it is a great option


Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server is a great option for us – we need to create guide videos, use the server as a remote computer or to use them for the raw computing resource for few hours. Rackspace, without any doubt has excellent support plus industry’s standard UNIX experts – we get a 24 hours support – that is $3.33 per day for managing the backend. Previously we wrote an article on quite similar topic – Managed or Unmanaged To Choose from ?

To make an excerpt, we can tell these users can use an Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server, to some extent safely :


  1. Developers who are used with UNIX commands and regularly can apply the security patches
  2. Need a blank server for few hours or days for any reason
  3. For hosting plain HTML, PHP based websites which essentially has no database. Although they can be hacked; moving the nameserver and shifting from backup is few minutes work.
  4. To create a virtual private cloud
  5. To learn server administration
  6. Who has own server management team
  7. Others which are not mentioned – readers can add.


Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server : More points


Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server

Rackspace Cloud Sites or Red Hat OpenShift aPaaS or PaaS respectively, are far better option for UNIX novices. And why novice, it is basically not possible to monitor a server when we are sleeping. Possibly it is better to use for vulnerable CMS or blogging softwares which essentially needs lesser RAM, less intense database queries. With 512 MB RAM, a WordPress installation would run shiftily. So, if you have the need to use SSL for a small part of website, host other softwares like Subversion or Git which needs more control with root access, you can actually choose from both managed and unmanaged option. Then it is dependent on your usage pattern.

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