Cloud Computing and Security of Corporate Data

Cloud Computing and Security of Corporate Data is for ensuring protection against data loss, a cloud user should be specified in the contract some points. Most important word is effectively. But how we can ensure the security of corporate data to ensure contract ? To effectively use protection against data loss, the cloud user should specified in the contract, how and at what intervals the data providers themselves should ensure that whether or when the backups can be deleted. Cloud Computing and Security of Corporate Data is not a separate topicSafety is a key factor that determines the adoption of cloud services. Secure authentication and user authentication (Identity Management) are factors those must be given importance to.


Cloud Computing and Security of Corporate Data : Understanding the Reality


The situation around Cloud Computing and security of Corporate Data becomes more important when  a company uses the same multiple clouds, then a “multi-cloud” solution, say, the repeated storage of the data in different clouds is usually offered. The alternative cloud-like services should be provided by different available providers and in the case of failure of a cloud service, it must be possible to immediately resort to an alternative service.

Control and monitoring of Clouds can be about end-to-end monitoring and implementation of cloud service management. Particularly for the sensitive data, companies should also secure themselves (this the hybrid approach) – and on a regular basis. Thus, the data access is maintained even when Internet connection is interrupted.

Furthermore, the company is getting advantage from independent suppliers. Nevertheless, data may be lost. Therefore, the contract has to have a concept for data recovery. It regulates how to proceed with data loss. The duration of the maximum system failure should be determined and the period of occurrence of damage to the recording of the backups in a running system must be kept. In addition, the company must consider whether and to what extent it can accept data loss. For this purpose, the period between backups is determined. The volume of data and transactions between backups represent the maximum amount of data loss Finally, the cost of data recovery are allocate and regulate the liability for the damage caused indirectly by the (temporary) loss of data.

Cloud Computing and Security of Corporate Data


Cloud Computing and Security of Corporate Data : The main issues relating to data protection


  1. Is the provider contractually obliged to carry out regular backups ?
  2. Can multiple backup methods be combined ?
  3. Does the vendor has regularized system of reporting ?
  4. Does the contract include a plan for data recovery ?
  5. Does the provider offers Disaster Recovery as a Service?
  6. Are more individual agreements are necessary?
  7. Are data backup and recovery related to the availability in the SLA(service level agreement)?

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