iWork for iCloud : Apple Revving the Power of UNIX based Private Cloud

iWork for iCloud is currently in Beta without much change in UI. One thing is quite clear – Apple is pushing the Private Cloud based Applications like Adobe. Yes, iCloud is basically an example of limited access Private Cloud unlike Microsoft’s Cloud Services for their users which is actually a Public Cloud. You can read the basic difference between a Private Cloud and a Public Cloud. Actually, when we connect outside an UNIX based system – thats basically out of our Mac or iDevice – it is fully dependent on the userid and password – a big flaw of any Private Cloud is the identity and access management part. The first login screen on browser is a part which is exposed outside the Private Cloud to open up the Port to access. From our Mac or iDevices we actually use the Keychain to access. The iCloud interface is just a HTML5 webpage if you think as a webpage which shows up the next page on click after API based call. iWork for iCloud from technical point was a bit difficult to implement than the existing available services. The no lag factor was a prerequisite from iWork – iWork for iCloud is in Beta but successfully has passed that point.


iWork for iCloud : Is More About Deployment of Apps Within a Private Cloud Platform


Have you compared seen the speed of loading of iCloud versus any highend Public Cloud Software as a Service ? Its abnormally fast, the images never get distorted because the setup is fully different and fully closed source (unfortunately). Although, it will be not much wondering fact if Free OpenStack is found to be the real engine behind.

This is not a sort of iWork for iCloud review or something cheaper article like that. If you have came with such wish you can go to news type websites where $10 / per article writers might satisfy you, may be they have never actually build even a Virtual Private Cloud themselves. The header of the Beta shows the backend is of Akamai.


iWork for iCloud : Check in


Yes, its Akamai. What can be expected above it ? Here is the server WHOIS :


Keynote opens in a new Window as an App and here is what many will want to see, the dash :


The GUI matches with Apple’s mobile devices or rather iDevices, obviously the mobile users are the main users. We guess a full desktop user will hardly use iCloud, the need is merely to access mail and contacts from other computer. It is difficult to opine about the risk of getting the malwares in somehow when accessed from a Windows PC. Possibly, iCloud firewall will try to filter out any malicious attempts.

The backend core is expected to be a UNIX-Apache-MySQL-PHP server. Setup and responsiveness can be compared with Adobe’s on browser applications rather than Microsoft’s or Google’s primitive backends. Both, basically are Applications secured by passwords. Adobe applications has difference with them – obvious with the faster loading of system intense Application’s UI first. It will be not much of astonishment if the lighter version of pro liners from Apple get the touch of iCloud.

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