Windows 8 themes in Windows 7

Windows 8 themes in Windows 7 is a full Aero based theme for Windows 7 that will make your PC looking like Windows 8 just within few minutes.


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Windows 8 Theme

More details on  Windows 8 themes in Windows 7 :

Windows 8 in Windows 7.
For Windows 7 Build 7100 RC x86.

June 05.2009
Blue Progress in Green Bar.
Windows 8 Move Progress.
Transparent Start Panel.
Window 8 Explorer Longhorn Style.
Close Max Min Old New Style.
Super Pinned in Taskbar.
Windows 8 Start Orb.
Windows 8 Logon Screen.


Download Windows 8 themes in Windows 7


Creator: mufflerexoz

Click here to download

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