Change the time before your pc goes to standby in Windows 7

We will explain how to modify the time before the hard drive of your Windows 7 computer goes into standby. Take an example: I am currently downloading latest version of Ubuntu  and if I leave my computer and I do nothing, my hard drive will pause before the end of the download and then stop my download. I must therefore choose a longer time. How? Go to the Start menu and click Control Panel. Go to System and Security-> Power Options-> Change the conditions of standby computer (the left side of window):

Change the time before your pc goes to standby in Windows 7

If you are on a laptop like me, you will be able to change the time before sleep when computer is on battery and time before entering standby when computer is on AC power independently.

It is better to avoid choosing and never let the computer run overnight.
If you do, your hard drive will run all night and then wear out faster.

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