Advantage of offering email subscription to blog articles

In addition to reading your blog, your readers can follow your articles via RSS feeds, but do you offer a subscription via email?

All your readers are not familiar with RSS and it is the fact that, only few can design their own blog theme and logo design: there are atleast few hundred “comes on the Google search result” those have exactly the same design. Theemailicon number of Internet users those do not use RSS feeds is over 90%, subscription via email becomes a more understandable and easy access for most users. Moreover, some readers prefer to receive their daily email containing your new articles on rising in the morning.

The subscription by email can also increase your readership. The number of subscribers may represent up to 10% of all readers. Even if your readership following you by email is very low, it will certainly increase with time.
It also gives you another opportunity to interact with your readers. With their emails, respecting the confidentiality of email addresses, you can connect with this new audience: What do they want to read as your next article?

One advantage of subscriptions by email and you have the ability to schedule updates. In fact, you can choose between a daily email (at the time you want), weekly or monthly. Another advantage of this system is that you can
personalize the email by adding your logo, choosing colors or make it identical to the theme of your blog.

Set up a subscription by email only takes a few minutes and will increase, without a doubt, your readership.

The leading provider of email subscriptions are FeedBurner and FeedBlitz. Feedblitz is paid, where as FeedBurner is a free service from Google and it is more powerful than FeedBlitz. So, powerful option for free is always good: go for Feedburner.


How to setup free Google Feedburner for e-mail subscription?


Login to Google account and go to Feedburner account (that you have set for your Website’s feed or click the link from above.)  Under the Publicize tab; you will get the Email subscription option:


How to set up feedburner fee email subscription


We will discuss in future topic, how you can customize your feedburner email subscription button and the email newsletter as a whole.

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