Contact Form Plugin WordPress : Free and Premium Options

Previously we wrote about the importance of having a Contact Us form in your Blog.  The contact form is becoming a must for blogs, but not all Contact Form Plugin works nicely for every kind of WordPress based blog or website.

There are several Premium WordPress Contact Form Plugin s are available, along with giving you the names of the Contact Form Plugins, we are providing the important points which you must look for while choosing the perfect Contact Form Plugin.


What to consider while choosing a WordPress Contact Form Plugin ?


  • What is your Specific Need for the Contact Form Plugin? Is it only to provide a contact form or you will use it for other purposes as well?
  • Do you need special support for customization to suit your theme?
  • Do you expect the Contact Form Plugin to be a robust and secure?
  • Do you need to export or backup the data captured by the Contact Form Plugin?


Free  contact form Plugin or Premium  contact form Plugin?


If you are running a business or even an busy blog, it is probably better to opt for a premium contact form plugin. You will get the needed support and bug fixes.


Best Free Contact Form Plugin of our choice


For the free Contact Form Plugin option, our choice is Easy Contact. It is a semantic, XHTML-based contact form which can be used by any level of user with many options and highly customizable by the advanced users to suit a blog.


Best Premium WordPress Contact Form Plugin


Contact Form Plugin WordPress-Free Premium Options


Gravity form is the best Contact Form Plugin (till now) for professional grade Blogs and Business Blogs. What anyone will love with Gravity form is the easy drag and design interface. It is more than a Contact Form Plugin. It offers Guest posting, Poll etc many features which are essential for a power blog or a business website.


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