Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera : DIY Guide

Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera is an easy, very cheap way to make a DIY digital film back to test whether it works for you. Here is DIY guide. Previously we published an article on how to Convert Film Camera to Digital Camera, this time a hands on guide to test it with a simple cheap webcam to understand the working mechanism, focal length etc. technical points. We have written this guide for Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera in a way so that anyone can follow it.


Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera : The required Materials

To follow this guide on Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera, you will in general need :

  • Phillips Six head screw driver set
  • Rubber gloves
  • A basic Webcam, we have used a webcam from Logitech


Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera : DIY Guide


It is easy to open webcam, simply examine the web cam first. A typical webcam has a baseboard, on that baseboard there is everything and a stand or cover, and the USB came that connects to your computer. We basically will get rid off this cover and use this baseboard with mounted camera as digital camera back for testing. Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera is a non destructive method, you can reassemble again to make them working each, like default.
First open two screws behind the webcam’s stand (or the webcam’s casing ) :
Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera


Notice the image carefully to understand it. The baseboard in this step will easy come out and you will find a small connector on the baseboard which is actually of the USB. There is no other complex cabling :

Opening Webcam


The USB plug connector to baseboard is tactically tightened with the plastic back, unscrew it and take it out. It is a simple pull out-push in connector plug.


Now the difficult part is done. You will place the baseboard in place of the film with some padding. The way to give the USB cable entry is the transparent display to show the camera film rolls’ printed details. It is easy to take it out and again put it back. If you do not close the lid or back of the camera, most Film SLR or semi automatic camera will not work.

Simply connect with your computer and run the webcam software in video mode. Set the shutter speed to slowest possible during initial test. It is now obvious to you, if you click the shutter, you will see the photo as video footage. It is is easiest setup for Opening Webcam to Use With Old Film Camera. For accurate result, you need to setup a hardware trigger with webcam software and the shutter. Some webcam has a hardware shutter switch, if yours’ do not have, you can use any other hardware or software trigger which connects with usb.

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