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Akamai is the leading cloud platform provider that allows the site owners to provide users with a safe, high-performance static and streaming content all over the world. Akamai is the globally accepted The Standard for Content Delivery Network and client range virtuall includes all the big brands starting from IBM to Microsoft. We previously discussed about Edge Computing and in most cases for the bigger clients, Akamai offers their hardware infrastructure as in most cases it is actually impossible for one brand to open data centers for global location based static content delivery.


Akamai and Akamai AQUA Ion


Akamai is a kind of accepted leader, Akamai again came in to focus for their Akamai AQUA Ion. On the strength of its proven ability to accelerate the web, Aqua Ion introduces a whole new way to optimize the online experience. Aqua Ion enables companies to improve the user experience based on the specific and unique situation in which the user is located, applying to a wide range of intelligent optimization capabilities – it is specific to mobile and third-party and front-end optimization (FEO) . Aqua Ion therefore allows to meet the needs of situational performance dictated by the new way to experience the web.

For companies who want to reach their users through a growing number of devices, browsers and networks, deliver an optimal experience is anything but simple. Companies can no longer rely on users accessing websites from a relatively limited and, for this reason, they must focus their strategies on a limited set of tools and techniques.


Akamai Via Third Party Cloud Computing Service Providers


The first hand customers are usually bigger brands :



Akamai Edge Computing Cloud Computing

Except those who have own infrastructure practically all the leaders from various fields uses Akamai’s one service or the other. But, for a small website owner, it is quite costly to use Akamai’s direct service. If you search with Rackspace Cloud Files in this website, you will find a lot of guides on Rackspace Cloud Files either API based or just simple GUI based tricks. Rackspace Cloud Files uses Akamai’s hardware and OpenStack’s storage as the software layer.

For service level agreement, Rackspace Cloud Files officially do not reveal all the API based features which actually works for Rackspace Cloud Files too.

The reason behind publishing this short article is for a request from a visitor to help him to decide which service (Rackspace Cloud Files or Akamai directly) will give more flexibility. For practical usage, there is no difference until daily pageview crosses over 2 million per day, from the cost benefit ratio. We have not not noticed any difference of performance in between Rackspace Cloud Files and Akamai’s direct service. Definitely they are few hundred miles ahead of any content delivery or web acceleration technology offered by any other company.


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