Amazon Cloud Computing : Reasons Not To Use

Amazon Cloud Computing is the largest Cloud Computing platform in the world, however it is better to avoid any Amazon product as well as any Cloud Service. Amazon is known for weak privacy statements (historically CPSR dropped links to in 2000 on this ground), fully affiliate driven tracked web pages, no clear service level agreement, invasive patent taking. In this Article we will focus why Amazon Cloud Computing Products should be avoided.


It is Not Amazon Cloud Computing, It is For Any Vendor Locked Closed Source Product


Cloud Computing gives us the biggest thing – using resources which we would out of our reach. Free Software always has more flexibility, better quality control, better security. Previous article on Cloud Computing Security Means Opting For Open Source can through more light why Amazon Cloud Computing is not a good option right now. There are differences between Open Source and Free Software although both are wrongly used synonymously.


Amazon Cloud Computing is Good if the usage is not critical and free


Best example is to practice Git on Heroku Cloud which is basically PaaS on Amazon. You can recall the downtime of Heroku on Summer 2012.


Amazon Cloud Computing is Not About Quality and We have no recommendation as alternative


Amazon Cloud Computing

Sarcastically, a book by Joshua Gay comprising of Essays by Richard M. Stallman is on sell on Amazon


Although Free Software Foundation and Richard Stallman never recommend to use Cloud Computing, looking on the growth of Free Softwares for Cloud Computing Infrastructure like Open Stack and the fact that we actually need bare metal on rent, to suggest to use Cloud after knowing all the plus and minus points.

There is no clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) for any Amazon Cloud Computing service.

For large enterprises functioning and performance of the final application is much more important, rather than the brand name or market share, Amazon does not have a direct managed customer relationship and they focuses exclusively on providing the infrastructure to run the applications. It is crucial for a large company to look for more performance and also to look at the security.
We have no recommendation as alternative to Amazon Cloud Computing, we are not any affiliate website. Use your own knowledge to select provider. You can read why buying from Amazon is not safe :



Most importantly, when Amazon Glacier was released, one ex-employee of Amazon flashed on Hacker News some insider story about Amazon.

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