Broadband : The Basics

Broadband indicates a bandwidth or a frequency range, which is very large or rather wide. We often forget to talk about very basic topics instead buzz words. Unlike narrowband, which is very small and narrow by usage, the term broadband is usually always used in the context of digital transmission methods and transfer rates.


Basics on Broadband


Broadband range is synonymous with a lot of transmission capacity. In particular in the transmission of data which is an important criterion. The more bandwidth is, the more data can be transferred per unit of time.
In the past, the demand for more bandwidth led to new transmission technologies. Since there are always newer transmission technology, you need to opt for the newer technology in some way or the other. Instead each time to implement a new technology, we try to go for smaller technical development for the existing as continuous steps and straight forwardly exhaust the current technology to the physical limits. Frequently used broadband transmission technologies are :

  • DSL
  • ADSL
  • ADSL2
  • ADSL2 +
  • VDSL2
  • Cable Modem technology
  • Satellite
  • UMTS
  • WiMAX
  • PtP
  • Ethernet
  • GPON



DSL is almost synonymous with high-speed internet access and is almost exclusively used all over the World. Today, wireless technology is the future of broadband access networks. Especially in remote areas. There is the range of ADSL and it does not reach every household. Fiber-optic cable is the technologies of the future, in order to realize broadband access.


The Progress Broadband


When the first broadband Internet access were available, it was interesting. The high speed bandwidth and thus the high transmission speed promised to retrieve Web pages within a fraction of a second. With one click, the website was being. Internet users interested for the first time for more, such as audio and video.

Over the past years, the transmission speed of broadband connections has increased more and more. With DSL, we are currently at 16 Mbit / s, sometimes even 20 Mbit / s, on average all over the World. With Optical Fiber and Mobile Broadband, the speed has been over 100 Mbps.


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