Cloud Hosted Custom Google Site Search

Custom Google Site Search – That means you will host a CNAME associated with Subdomain like and serve that page fully from CDN using API. Creating a Custom Google Site Search that is not dependent on your main server but CDN has many advantages like faster loading, custom HTML coding etc. We will show this example to create your own Custom Google Site Search with Rackspace Cloud Files CDN, but you can use Dropbox for the Same Purpose to Custom Google Site Search.


Custom Google Site Search : Source Code, Purpose, Initially Needed Previous Guides


The Source code / repository is here :



It is released under GNU GPL 3.o and you can distribute in the same way for free. It is based on Google™s AJAX Search API and initially developed by Martin Angelov in Tutorialzine. The Cloud Part’s idea is of ours, but we need no credit for coding part except that it was mandatory need to publish in a public repository with GNU GPL 3.0 License.

In simple word, download the ZIP file and unzip it from the above github url. Now the older Tutorial Part :



Cloud Hosted Custom Google Site Search : Steps


Practically not much knowledge is needed. You will get all the things in previous guide. Briefly the steps are :


  • Downloading that ZIP file from Github
  • Modifying it (look later part on this web page)
  • Creating a container on Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Uploading the unzipped content on the container (shown in previous guide)
  • Adding POST header to the HTML file (shown in previous guide)
  • Getting the CDN URL (normal idea)
  • Adding the URL as CNAME (Easy thing or Ask Rackspace Support)
  • Done


Modifying the code for your need :

You will find a file named script.js ; in that file, there is a parameter named siteURL :


Cloud Hosted Custom Google Site Search


Change that highlighted and circled part with your own domain name.  Demo :


Live Demo of Cloud-Powered-Custom-Google-Search is here.



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