CloudSigma Versus Rackspace : IaaS or Cloud Server Providers

CloudSigma Versus Rackspace as IaaS or Cloud Server Provider is now coming up as CloudSigma has US based Server. Read our comparison to choose pros and cons. As we have tested various IaaS or simple Cloud Server Providers, written few hundreds of tutorials, this time we took a thorough look CloudSigma for this article on CloudSigma Versus Rackspace.


CloudSigma Versus Rackspace : First View as Free Trial User


Although the white paper refers from a variety of popular public cloud offers, contains quite explicitly promotional material in favor of CloudSigma. Then read from the perspective of the CloudSigma Versus Rackspace as provider may be biased, but it is useful to look to understand what the points are considered essential to differentiate the offer of a cloud provider from another.

Before and after singnup with found a washed out (reminding of Amazon), careless GUI that by any means can not be compared with Rackspace. The Interface of control panel is extremely slow and can remind one of Shared Control Panel of cPanel age. The url is SSL but not EVV SSL. Rackspace full Control Panel is covered with top notch security.

The slow loading GUI with just a SSL will never make a premium client happy. There was some browser pop up windows (for other services to be added in the process, not any advert or something like that) while creating server instance. We had the thought to write a video guide for installation of WordPress. The pop ups like porno sites demoted the idea. Pop up in Rackspace is JQery based and never opens a new window.

The Interface is enough to make anyone mad. On our 15″ MacBook Pro, two parts of one panel were divided as if left aligned and right aligned without properly written CSS.

CloudSigma Versus Rackspace


CloudSigma Versus Rackspace : Who The Hell compares ?


We usually write against Amazon (but for Heroku as it is free, although PaaS not IaaS) but choosing Amazon is probably far better option than this third class Cloud Server provider named CloudSigma. It is solid pain to setup as server, you have to add drive separately and the whole thing will take at least 7-10 minutes.

There is absolutely no meaning to bring the topic CloudSigma Versus Rackspace. If you can not pay for Rackspace or do not like it for uncanny reason, its far better to use Amazon.


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