Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster

Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster required some elementary knowledge of UNIX and few command line works. Mac is a professional instrument and needs care. The first and foremost important Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster is not to install hundreds of Apps those claims to keep your Mac faster. Mac is not build like the cheap Windows PC by some Microsoft’s partners without any quality control, it is an aristocrat precision instrument that needs basic skills and knowledge of traditional computing. Most of the paid Apps those claims to keep your Mac faster are basically few scripts with a GUI, you must avoid. It is always better to ask Apple Care if you have opted the extended 3 years plan, for any doubt – be it of software or hardware part.


Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster : Using and Not Using or Installing Few Apps


Another important Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster is to avoid certain applications. Mozilla Firefox is one of them. To fix Mozilla Firefox, you need to work few steps more so that it can not make your Mac slower. Use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office or other equivalent applications by Apple. You can use Safari, Opera and Chrome (there are some issues with Chrome though) as browsers.


Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster : Physically Clean Both Outside and Inside


Avoid smoking in front of your Mac. If you can not avoid smoking in front, kindly do not exhale the smoke on the sides of a MacBook Pro. The only openings are various ports through which your MacBook Pro breathes – the cold air gets sucked. You can see the images of computers whose users never cared to clean the inside in our quite old article – Do not smoke in front of your Computer.

Clean your hand first, use a transparent keyboard cover so that the dirt can not sit on the keyboard of your MacBook Pro. Clean your Mac or MacBook Pro with iKlean or some such product available in all Apple Premium Resellers’ stores. Get your Macs professionally cleaned from inside every 6-12 months. These all things prevents over heating and keeps it physically fit.


Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster : Software Part


We are taking that you are using OS X 10.8.x and has iTerm2 with fixed command line for running proper UNIX commands. As you possibly know that UNIX uses Cache. Clearing the Cache speeds up the system. Library is under your User named folder. So basically if you run cd Library, you will be in Library directory. Listing the files and folders with ls command will show up the Caches folder :

Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster


Delete one by one. You can visually see this by using Command+Shift+G keys and typing the location in UNIX format like ~Library/Caches/ ; do not use this visual way.
Do not use sudo to get extra permission unless you know what you are doing. Chown the particular folder instead. Now a bit higher thing – Prebinding :



Prebinding is what you see after installing a software – that gray screen with Updating cache like message. You can force prebinding to release space from RAM (yes, RAM). But unless you know about prebinding, do not run commands without knowledge.


  • Do not use screensaver
  • Clear Web History
  • Do not gather hundreds of Apps , folders, files on desktop
  • Do not use hundreds of Fonts
  • Shut down with “Reopen windows when logging…” UNCHECKED.



Tips To Keep Mac and MacBook Pro Faster : Slow Startup and Slow Shutdown


MacBook Pro should take 1-2 seconds to shutdown and startup. Otherwise the level becomes like Windows PC ! But many can not maintain it. Apart from properly closing the Apps before shutting down, someone discovered a ‘hard’ way. It actually works. Open Finder and and folder from sidebar. Right click to navigate to the Macintosh HD, Go to Library and delete the Java folder and then empty the trash can :

MacBook Slow Startup and Slow Shutdown

Honestly, it will appear scary to perform. But, it actually it does not harm. Its some Java applications that adds symlinks and add a huge burden. Deleting it possibly recreate it freshly.

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