Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography

Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography Lists the possible pitfalls an average Mobile Camera Phone user does making photo more bad than its capacity. The first thing about Mobile Phone Photography is that, it is possibly the only digital imaging device which still holds the age old saying to be right – It™s Not The Camera, It™s The Photographer. Most DSLR camera takes better photograph with a Mobile Phone Camera. Because they are well aware of two major points – composition and the shortcomings of the particular Mobile Phone Camera. It is honestly not possible to make an average user to turn to be perfect photographer with his/her mobile camera with just an article named Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography. Our try is to help who are keen to learn.


Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography : Understanding the Shortcomings


Most people are unfortunately egoistic. Photography is not beyond the real life. One thing came in the mind while writing this article on Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography. SMS language is becoming a serious issue for not maintaining a grammatically correct sentence. It can be harmful particularly for those whose native language is not English. In one social website, I posted one quotation that actually gives a pathetic example and tells its English not any other language. After few days I noticed that, one person has done a kind of protest an anti-quote with a deliberate erroneous sentence and something like if the person can read it, then its fine. SMS language is a need for the particular ‘niche’. But with a full keyboard or pen and pen usage of such grammatically incorrect sentences prevent us to correct our own wrongs. Darren Rowse once wrote a nice example – there is huge difference between Contact us and Contact US in blog’s writings.
This small introduction is for a big reason – to break the rule, we need to master the rule first. Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography actually reinforces the rules.

Browse deviantArt, Flicker and bigger sized Phorography forums and you will develop a sense of the highest quality of photography. You will gradually understand, with a Camera Phone Mobile, it is actually not possible to compete with even a midrange point and shoot camera. In photography exposing everything is not actually what we perform, we hide many things – that is a part of composition. We published another article on Mobile Phone Camera Photography to get the best result and an indispensable article on basics of Digital Photography.


Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography


The first important parameter is obviously the quality of the built in camera. iPhone or Nokia’s mid to high end mobile phones does have better quality optics. Others are mentioned below.



  • Are You Sure a Mobile Camera Can Do it ? Firstly, we must be aware of the rudimentary features offered by a mobile phone camera : there is usually no optical zoom, no image stabilizer, no dedicated hardware level image processor and especially no or very basic manual adjustment of the optical elements. These characteristics mean that we are not going to go exactly the same way to shoot with a “real” camera.
  • Are you in the right position ? As the lens will not help to make the things closer (i.e. no optical zoom), with a cell phone, the only one solution is move yourself ! Come closer for a portrait, go back for a group photo etc. Quite obviously, you can not go closer to the moon to capture its beauty.
  • Is there enough indirect light ? As basically all mobile phone camera are more prone to create noise on the photo even where a slight darkness is present, a good soothing lighting is the key to success.
  • You’re looking swell, Dolly ! – Do not tremble yourself . The problem is that mobile phones are very small, not well balanced for being a camera, hold it with both of your hands to shoot, as you would with a camera. This will avoid having the shakes and is particularly applicable when the light is lower.
  • Consider the background –  As the settings are succinct, integrated cameras to cell phones are set to pass a maximum out of the photos. One of the important adjustments is to maximize the depth of field to get the most possible net elements in an image. In general, this is a valuable aid for the beginner in photography, one do not have to worry about the opening of the diaphragm. Try to think of photographing a subject against a background which is simple and plain like grass, wall a beautiful wall etc. Too complex background possibly creates some issue in image processing and results in out of expectation bad result.
  • For Portrait and Candid Photography please search our website for better specific tips.
  • Old is not always Gold – You can not clean a Mobile Phone Camera’s Lens assembly or the sensor. Most manufacturers has no official option. A mobile phone is prone to face more dusts than a camera. Our pockets are quite dirty – dirty in the sense, they often have the small bits of fibers which neither we can always see, nor they are dirt in our normal thought. But with time, they settles down over the lens, inside the assembly, on the sensor.


Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography : Extra Tips


White Balance : To prevent color casting, appropriate white balance must be adjusted. It adjusts the image capture to the current lighting – bright sun, cloudy, neon or incandescent lighting. As a rule, this is set to “Auto”. For unknown reasons, Cloudy gives better result in most situations.

Scene : Some has special scene settings like landscape, beach, sports, night-portrait. These programs adjust the aperture, exposure time and the image processing on the shooting conditions. It is better to use these settings properly.

Flash : Always Off. That tiny touted even Xenon flash will basically mess up your photo. Only exception is to use for fill in flash. In fact, in DSLR we use separate Flash unit. It simply explains, on body flash units has too much limitations.

ISO : Try to use the higher possible, depending on light to combat with horrible noise.

Timer : Timer always gives a better result because the pseudo shutter switch in assembled on the same board where the sensor is present. It always will add some extra effects – sometimes not visible, sometimes resulting in other artifacts.


Are You Sure a Mobile Camera Can Do it ?

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