Digital Photography Tips : Basics of Optics

Digital Photography Tips is a compilation of the articles focused on the indispensable basics of optics, that includes Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and more. Digital Photography Tips is a complied article because this article itself has not much information rather it is a good directive to our older articles on basics. Without knowing the principles of light, basics of traditional photography it becomes a bit difficult to reproduce creative photography. The trial and error method of learning has too much dependence on time. The good usage of this article on Digital Photography Tips is that, anyone at any level with any digital device to capture image can apply these methods.


Digital Photography Tips : Understanding Digital Photography


Digital Photography Tips revolves around the idea – It™s The Camera and Computer Not The Photographer That Matters in Digital Photography. You can not compare 4 decades old telephone with iPhone5 except both are used basically for the same purpose. The only constants are the basics of optics and theories related to composition. The learning curve is much easier in Digital Photography because the the Camera itself helps hugely.


Digital Photography Tips : The Basic Things You Must Need To Know


60 years ago there was dynamo system in cars for charging the battery. If the battery’s condition was bad, while driving in the dark, the DIY trick was to put off the headlights and drive. It is just a funny history today. To drive a basic car, today we need not to know what is dynamo. Dumping too much new unorganized knowledge inside head results bad result. Just know the minimum must to know basics.

It is better to read all the articles on Digital Photography we published, later. We sorted out 16 articles falls among must read :


Digital Photography Tips


  1. Aperture in Digital Photography 
  2. Exposure in Photography
  3. Exposure Compensation in Digital Photography
  4. Crop Factor or Form Factor in Digital Photography
  5. Shutter Speed in Photography
  6. F-number in Digital Photography
  7. Image Sensor Format
  8. Image Processor and Image Processing Engine of Digital Camera
  9. Mode Dial or Setting Knob of Digital Camera
  10. Noise in Digital Photography
  11. ISO Film speed in Digital Photography
  12. Bokeh in Photography
  13. Creating a Light Box of Your Own – Important for Mobile Camera Photographers, specially.
  14. Depth of Field in Digital Photography
  15. Composition in Digital Photography
  16. Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photography

Others are definitely important but you can actually read them later.



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