External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer

External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer are needed for charging Mobile devices while preserving Laptop’s battery and increasing number of ports. Previously we wrote about simple USB hub without any external Power supply. External Powered USB hub can operate without the computer or laptop as well with the laptop or computer for charging purpose. For data transfer, it will obviously need the computer or laptop to be connected.


External Powered USB Hub : Why They are Complex


External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer are quite complex versus our previously written simple USB hub. We are taking Belkin’s 4-Port Ultra-Slim Desktop Hub as the standard here. Although it is basically designed for Mac, quite obviously it officially supports any Operating system.

It is complex, because we are using an external power, which has to be step down plus switch function should prevent to auto cut when the Laptop is supplying the power or should not burn the USB port of the Laptop. Secondly there additional matter of Data Transfer.


External Powered USB Hub : Belkin 4-Port Ultra-Slim Desktop Hub


I personally use Belkin’s External Powered USB Hub that is named as 4-Port Ultra-Slim Desktop Hub, it is usually available in any Apple store. It is abnormally costly because of its higher quality. Possibly it is better to use these grade of External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer NOT the cheap China made few dollar alternatives. The product itself has 3 years warranty.


External Powered USB Hub For Power and Data Transfer


The package and finishing is excellent but the power cord looks quite  bad, specially when it is around MacBook Pro’s MageSafe2‘s cord. You can officially find the data here :



There are two variants – Black and White. Possibly it is better to buy the Black one to get less chance of getting looking aged, but the black has some White parts too (on the sides) and basically its your luck which one is in their stock.


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