Studio Portrait Photo and Digital Photography

Studio Portrait Photo has a definite niche which basically was the mainstream of Photography once. Digital Photography gives the opportunity for Studio setup at home. We basically talked about Portrait Photo before as a generalized topic. This time it is specific – Studio Portrait Photo in own Setup or rather Studio Portrait Photography.


Studio Portrait Photo and Digital Photography : Basics


Digital Photography has given the opportunity to setup small Studio even at home for various modified factors. One of them is, “Photoshop is the Digital Darkroom in Photography Now.”. We can basically develop and print photos at home. Rest is the professional-like part. Since many amateur photographers are interested in Studio Portrait Photo at own studio setup, the basics must be known.

Models of portrait in the studio usually takes a little make up. Make up is actually very bigger topic and there is variation in need depending upon the individual. Here is how to create a small impression on portrait photo and setup for any one who can imagine the process a little better.

Imagine a portrait in which the face of the model is evenly lit, but an outline is visible. The right half of the model should be a little stressed than the left. The hair should be lit up beautifully. Unsightly nose or chin shadow better be avoided. It is clear that all the picture elements have the focus with slight depth of field, while the focus is on the eyes of the model. We look at picture’s eyes, not at the tip of the nose. Nose is obviously in front of the plane of eyes (possibly its true for any creature!), so an adjustment is needed.


Studio Portrait Photo and Digital Photography : Setup


Studio Portrait Photo and Digital Photography


The ideal setup is actually somewhat like a bigger Light box. It operates on the basic laws of Physics on behavior of light rays. The incident light should be diffused and the reflections should be uniform within the area where the model will be. As it is practically not possible to make a room sized Light Box, we use reflectors and other diffusing materials, including drapes to make the environment.

We are describing an ideal setup. The model will sit about 2.5 m in front of the background. A flash from the front, left at 45° to the model in about 2.0 m hight, 1.40 m distance from the face will be placed. It must be flashed indirectly, so the light is reflected on a white screen, the studio flash power 200 Watts, with 100% power. A flash from the front, on right: 45° to the model in about 2.0 m hight, 1.40 m distance from the face will also be needed. It will be flashed indirectly, the light will be reflected on a white screen, the studio flash power is again 200 Watts, with 50% power. A hair light or continuous light or beauty light usually set with honeycomb from behind and above, aligned relative centered behind the model in case of females. A white styrofoam plate, held by model herself can serves to reduce the shadow nose or chin shadow.

Portrait Photo and Digital Photography

It must be photographed from slightly from above. Another good position is to shoot at eye level, which is always flattering for the model, than to shoot from below. Obviously a tripod will be needed.

The ideal focal length for portraits is 80 mm, equivalent to the medium format (equivalent to 50mm with crop factor 1.6), since this focal length is the closest to the human visual equivalent. You can also easily use longer focal length, focal lengths below 80 mm, equivalent to the medium format (equivalent to 50mm with crop factor 1.6). Exposure is kept at ISO 100, manual mode, fixed timing with 1/60 sec. The correct exposure is done using an external light meter. Its value is determined and adjusted manually on the camera.

There are obviously more points, but this the basic setup. If you have lot faces in your house (unfortunately its becoming rare), there is not much to think for the invested cost. Basically these setups are great to comfortably take photograph.


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