Practical Solution for Cloud Computing Platforms

Practical Solution for Cloud Computing Platforms right now are either Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service. There are many providers to choose. But which cloud computing solution is right for you ? Do not forget that, there are Weaker Sides of Cloud Computing. Plus, providers will always want to get the most from the clients.


Introduction to Practical Solution for Cloud Computing Platforms


It is very important to read and understand the Cloud Computing Service Models. In an IaaS cloud ( Infrastructure as a Service ), such as Amazon EC2, only the computer storage and computing power are available flexible resources. All preparations are needed before running the application. Alternative is the use of a PaaS (Platform as a Service) as part of cloud computing. With such a platform, it is not necessary to install additional infrastructure. You can install applications directly in the cloud. It also provides the solutions for the operation and monitoring of the application. Scaling the application load peaks are controlled automatically. PaaS often offer proprietary services with complete features those are helpful in the development of applications. Through the use of such services is, however, very dependent on the PaaS provider because applications can not be migrated as easily as on IaaS/Cloud Server. Decision is yours, driven by need and monetary resources.


Practical Solution for Cloud Computing Platforms


Practical Solution for Cloud Computing Platforms


There are many providers and solutions, we have practical guides and other articles on them; such as :


  • OpenStack based solutions like from The Rackspace Cloud, HP Cloud etc. These are IaaS solutions
  • Amazon EC2 is IaaS like.
  • Among the PaaS there are three solutions we consider – RedHat OpenShift, AppFog and Heroku Cloud.


Java based PaaS market is moving forward. Meanwhile, however, the major cloud computing are bringing various solutions for IaaS too. The concepts are very different : Google was the first company on the market, which delivered support for typical Java technologies, practical limitations are so much that, today nobody would refer to it, if not proprietary services such as the use Google Apps play a role. Amazon Beanstalk adds the very popular public cloud platform. Cloud Bees delivers the services with a very different approach, but hardly convincing as a runtime environment. And finally there with VMware Cloud Foundry, a solution that tracks an interesting concept and it is flexible and open. Rackspace Cloud is good (or may be best) for the managed services and the Pay as You Go Cloud Server (unmanaged) model.

These are your wide options, select your provider carefully.



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