Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design : iPhone, iPad, Android

Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design for iPhone, iPad, Android are needed for standard WordPress Theme Framework or HTML pages. Here is details. The basic reason why most medium good websites are getting penalized by Google Penguin 2.0 is nothing but the spammy websites uses quite optimized templates which are very nicely optimized ! They do not know how they are getting higher up in SERP ! Google Algorithm is getting a kind of fooled. Its a bot, not a human; we need to consider Google’s effort. It is not that, Google deliberately doing some bad work. So, its now our work to optimize each and every parameter of our websites. It will take over 2-3 months for both a single person as webmaster as well as Google Bots to automatically understand the quality of your Content. One of the master trick is to use Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design for – iPhone, iPad, Android. You are using a fully responsive web design and you will not optimize the Favicons, it makes Google Bots to think that you have not worked optimally, but have used some automated optimization method. When Google bot will feel that it is a forced, automated optimization, they will penalize it. This is the basic reason to use Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design. You can see, I deliberately optimized this post as per Google’s that Free ebook’s suggestion – but all are fully hand made. You can check the Traffic rank of this website after 2-3 months after posting this article. There is absolutely no magic.


Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design : Important Previous Articles


WordPress is good but the basic problem is that, Google can not understand the individual website of ~3 years or less in age. After ~5 years or so, a regularly good article publishing website gets up in SERP. Its like old known person. Here are some important articles related to this link :


  1. HTML5 : Vocabulary and Interfaces
  2. Genesis 2.0, YARP and Schema.org


These two links are enough, because those articles has enough important links within the post.


Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design : Rules


Open our Responsive Web Design Testing Tool‘s webpage and see the HTML source code. You will see lot of rel links for Favicon. That is actually Bootstrap’s template. Twitter optimized the source code for sure. You can read the official docs :

For Apple : Apple Developers Guide for Favicons and Rel Links

Favicons and Rel Links for Responsive Web Design

For Android : Android Developer guide for iconography

As basically we are delivering a website, not an App; we need to be careful not to use abnormal rel links which might appear spammy. The corrected and needed rel links are :



Obviously, you will need to change the urls to yours or you can place them at root and use relative urls or serve from a CDN. CDN is better option as it will not increase the page loading time. By default, you do not need a Favicon and rel link for Android itself as a webpage.
The not mentioned size is of 57 x 57 pixels for Apple. It is the default one and requires no special mentioning as a webpage.

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