hCard and VCard : A Detailed Guide

hCard and VCard is microformat for publishing the contact details of a person and organization; where as VCard developed as a file format for e-business cards. VCard file has various types, funnily, one type of VCard is hCard.


hCard and VCard : The Formats, Standards and Need for Websites


hCard and VCard

The standard Internet media type for a vCard (mime type) text/vcard. VCard can be of following types :


  1. vCard 2.1
  2. vCard 3.0
  3. xCard (has xml support)
  4. jCard
  5. hCard 1.0

hCard is the standard now. hCard is itself a microformat so we can embed vCard to inside an HTML page. That is what we can do and do with WordPress About Author Box at the end of each post. Important links for hCard are :


  1. Rich Snippets for WordPress
  2. hCard Specifications
  3. Self Hosted Schema.org and Microformats Free Checking Tools
  4. Authorbox or Author Info Box in WordPress
  5. hCard and vCard Generator and Validation Tool – Github
  6. hCard Creator


Important note : With introduction of schema.org microformat, in future hCard might not be used. Same purpose for website is served by Person Schema.Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool still supports hCard.


Details on hCard


So, basically hCard is enough to know as VCard’s type is hCard, at current situation. All are for creating Semantic Web. So the function of n part of fn n can be increased with need :



Which will actually give this thing :


Abhishek Ghosh
( Dr.AbhishekDr.AbhishekGhosh

The Customize Windows

F-04/502, Peerless Nagar, 29 F B.T. Road, Panihati


Doctor, Entrepreneur, Author, Orthopaedics, Surgeon


So, this is the basics. You can create your own custom HTML and add in WordPress Author box.

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