Management Tools for Cloud Storage

Management Tools for Cloud Storage leverage the potential of their cloud storage resources. Cloud Storage tools help to keep track and to better control costs. Cloud storage solutions are popular, but the actual use of available capacity is low. SMEs for example, use only seven percent of their existing cloud storage. Management Tools for Cloud Storage can increase the practical usage through an usable GUI. API based calls are great to hear but actually not all users can use the API based CLI tools. A good example of importance of these management tools for Cloud Storage can be Rackspace Cloud Files. We can recall, when there were many features available only through CLI, only few actually used them.


Management Tools for Cloud Storage : Avoid unnecessary cloud costs


Previously we published two articles – Cloud Computing and hidden costs and How to Calculate the Cost of Cloud Platform. These various, wide range of management tools for cloud storage can reduce the consumption. It is possible to use a single javascript from one CDN by various own other domains, for example, we can delete the unnecessary data by visual examination. Since the majority of cloud storage, for companies is chargeable, more than expected bill is annoying, especially since the survey by Symantec has also revealed that one third of the company does not duplicate the cloud data. Although still cloud storage is available, the backup remains on own hard disks.


Management Tools for Cloud Storage : Dashboard Options


Specific cloud dashboards provide transparency whether one or when multiple cloud storage are used in parallel. Otixo is such a less known service, Otixo provides a centralized dashboard that contains the saved files among others Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Docs, SugarSync or Amazon S3 is in a single view. To optimize the unused space, you can copy and move files between the clouds. There are also self hosted API based Free / Open Source Software are available for the purpose.


Management Tools for Cloud Storage : Better visibility necessary for Clouds


Management Tools for Cloud Storage

Thus, the use of cloud storage really is as beneficial when the company delivers a better overview service. Especially it is needed for an unified view of the available cloud storage and a way to move data between different clouds to improve the cloud utilization. There are other options like desktop tools, cloud-Organizers, Android Apps, iOS Apps etc. You can read our Best Android Apps For Managing Online Storage for some such example Free and Paid Apps.



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