Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat OpenShift : Comparing the Paid Options

Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat Open Shift is to some extent comparable because both of them are basically Platform as a Service, highest plan cost the same. We have talked a lot about the specific Cloud Computing Service Models that includes PaaS, aPaaS, IaaS. SaaS is not recommended to use for various practical restriction. The topic?Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat Open Shift came out from a comment on our website for choosing the service provider.


Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat Open Shift : PaaS and aPaaS


Direct technical comparison is difficult to do in the context?Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat Open Shift. Rackspace Cloud Sites is a subset or specially arranged PaaS – Application Platform as a Service or aPaaS.?”A” can be in Capital Letter or Small Letter. The advantages?Rackspace Cloud Sites definitely have versus Red Hat OpenShift are :


  1. Better chance of access to all the Cloud Services
  2. Well known excellent support team, practically Rackspace probably one of the company which has so great support.
  3. The excellent webhosting control panel
  4. Visual control and access of technical things like MySQL database via PHPMyAdmin with direct link, option to register or extend domain, add ‘client’ etc.
  5. Unlimited number of websites can be hosted.
  6. No compromise can be felt when transferred from cPanel / plesk based hosting
  7. Virtually unlimited PHP memory.


The disadvantages Rackspace Cloud Sites definitely have versus Red Hat OpenShift are :


  1. Although we wrote the way for?Accessing Rackspace Cloud Sites FTP from Command Line Interface, in practice, the lack of CLI becomes unacceptable for the advanced users.
  2. Some Scripting / Programming Languages are not supported.
  3. Only one pricing model makes it unsuitable to use by very small blog.


The advantages Red Hat OpenShift?definitely have are :


  1. Git based command line access.
  2. Various pricing model including one free.
  3. Supports SSL better than Rackspace Cloud Sites.
  4. Wider support of?Scripting / Programming Languages.


The disadvantages Red Hat OpenShift definitely have are :


  1. Not usable by an ordinary user for a serious website, minimum knowledge of UNIX is needed for future usage.
  2. Practically it demands to use own Git (hosted on Github) to get everything as the latest version.
  3. Support is definitely good but not as matured like Rackspace.


Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat OpenShift : Conclusion


Rackspace Cloud Sites Vs Red Hat OpenShift


The concept of?Multi-tenancy in Cloud Computing?is applied in both cases. Whether Cloud Hosting is better option for WordPress, that is a different topic but actually?Rackspace Cloud Sites and Red Hat OpenShift can not be compared to head to head. Clearly know about?PaaS or Platform as a Service. If you have one medium to bigger website, its better to use Managed Rackspace Cloud Server?- its really more fast even with 512 MB RAM for WordPress blog. If you have lot of websites or you do domain flipping,?Rackspace Cloud Sites is the hosting service of choice.

If you want a free or less costly ride and have good grasp on UNIX commands, Red Hat OpenShift is the choice.

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