Syncing WordPress Post Images with Rackspace Cloud Files

Syncing WordPress post images with Rackspace Cloud Files can be a tough job for medium to bigger websites based on WordPress. Here is tips that works. It is quite unfortunate fact that, despite Rackspace Coud Files is possibly the best quality CDN at consumer range, WordPress has too much limitations which makes the usage of Rackspace Cloud Files sub optimally. Here is a guide which will help you for the needed setup and tools for syncing WordPress post images with Rackspace Cloud Files.


Syncing WordPress Post Images with Rackspace Cloud Files : No WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache


As Sucuri published before on official blog, both these plugins can prove to be dangerous. That simply opts out the two options for syncing WordPress post images and other filesWP Super Cache with CDN Sync Tool or W3 Total Cache plugin.

So the option becomes quite less, you have to use .htaccess tricks for sure, may be mod_pagespeed enabled plus an alternative cache plugin. So there is a need of seeking some good plugins for automated work.


Syncing WordPress Post Images with Rackspace Cloud Files : Limited Options


Syncing WordPress Post Images with Rackspace Cloud Files

Basically not only the post images but the thumbnails also needs to be synced. Its quite huge work for a website with 4000+ posts, for example. Obviously an ‘automated’ thing is needed.
The way to upload files via CyberDuck, like we did in many guides like Serving Full HTML Website From Rackspace Cloud Files CDN actually quite difficult in real life. Otherwise you can easily redirect the wp-content folder, is not it ? Plus you will have to upload the newer files every time when you publish.

We, from our experience found two plugins to be useful. The first one is CDN Tools By Paul Kehrer. It shows up as not updated plugin, but actually it works fine. It automatically uploads and changes the link of the static files – you can have both images served from your real server in newer posts and cdn in older posts in the same blog as the process is nicely handled by the plugin.
Second is, there will be need to manually upload and link some files, for that work, use another container and WordPress CDN Rewrite for specific files like to deliver a compressed and minified files.

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