Tips for Traveling with DSLR Camera and Equipments

Tips for traveling with DSLR camera and equipments may be important for the new users as there are many points which as experienced users we have accumulated. This is an article which possibly you should think to bookmark as most might not will travel tomorrow and when you will travel, you will recall that there was ‘some guide’ but, as happens; when we need something urgently, it becomes difficult to find. There is no ‘supernatural reason’ behind – it happens because we lost our ability to think in cool head. Funnily, this concept is also applicable to this article tips for traveling with DSLR camera and equipments itself.


Tips for Traveling with DSLR Camera and Equipments : List is a pleasure


The slot for putting a MacBook Pro or MacBow Air is not made without reason. A sturdy computer is important to carry with. If you have missed our How to Choose a Camera Bag, that must be the starting point for this Tips for Traveling with DSLR Camera guide. Unfortunately, there is no universal rule for the list of the varied array of situations you are going to travel.

Less is more. But, making less without compromise is really a challenge. Again look at the options of bags :




Tips for Traveling with DSLR Camera and Equipments : Understanding the Different Need


Depending upon the situation, the bag might need another bag ! You will understand the need if you read our article on How to Shoot in Rain with Digital Camera.

When we travel, we are used to move a lot and do a lot of walking street. I mean, except for meals and rare breaks we are often on the move, 90% of the time on foot. Part of this movement is rapid, to get from one place to another, another part is quieter when we are visiting a museum, the center of a city etcetera. The museum owners and Governments always think that we carry a bomb. Whether their checking can ever retried a single bomb or not is not my question; the practical part is that – you must remember the fact – Cities has some abnormal point which we need to consider versus a place like a jungle.


And if you have pounds of camera equipment on your shoulder and a sweet girlfriend or wife thankfully donating her 50% weight upon you, easily in the mid-afternoon you have completely run out of energy (and maybe you wanted to do some night picture). In the long run, on a trip that lasts for several days, the fatigue accumulates and the days become gradually more strenuous. Well, never say to you wife or girlfriend weighs more than the bag, the bag can not curse you but the another one can do it for lifetime. My normal recommendation will be this list as a base :


  1. The camera itself
  2. 18-55mm lens
  3. 70-300mm lens
  4. 35mm or 50mm lens
  5. Accessories for cleaning
  6. Micro SD
  7. Charger for the batteries
  8. A charged extra battery
  9. A portable computer
  10. Proper insurance of all the things


Tripod or monopod is optional. Never ever add it if you are going to place where it is not mandatory to have or rather your target is for long exposure photography – unless you need to keep the shutter open for more than 2 minutes, a tripod or monopod will become a pain to carry with. A human is a support – think to use the ‘materials’ you are carrying with you. There is no reason to not consider your girlfriend or wife’s shoulder, while sitting down as a support for the camera. Make your trip minimalistic, there is more reason to think about the protective gears for the camera than wearing an age old odd dress with lot of pockets – they were needed, in fact indispensable when we used Film SLR. There was need to carry the batteries, Films, Filters and lot of things.

Now, it is always better to have your own transport system – car or something bigger. But it has limitations – I can not visit the rain forest with my SUV. So, the whole plan needs to be modified. For traveling in remote places, it is important to carry the identity cards and many things which are practical to your specific trip. It is always a big point today to think about to get the Internet connection while in travel. So is a GPS unit.

Forum friends are quite helpful in bad situations, there are many friends who can help you in trouble. It is good to think to carry a Satellite Phone for the remote places. By the way, never run by over enthusiasm. There are probably millions of records of facing danger out of taking risk – start with familiar places first.


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