DSLR Photography while Traveling : Tips on Lens

DSLR Photography while Traveling in particular has special requirements on the choice of the right Lens on trips. It sounds easy, but quite difficult to select. Our previous guide, Tips for Traveling with DSLR Camera and Equipments sported with an excellent infographic, which was enough to give an impression on what to remember! Let us see, what we can offer for you this article – DSLR Photography while Traveling.


DSLR Photography while Traveling and Lens : Introduction


Everything which has a beginning, has and End! Reverse is also true, is not it? We obviously will want to end up with some good photographs. Travel photography is a genre of photography which is extremely challenging, this fact is faced by many photographers including the beginners. In particular, when it comes to using a DSLR camera on the go – the specific requirements are not found in other kinds of photography. Here are some handy tips on Travel Photography, which we published before :


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DSLR Photography while Traveling : Tips on Lens



As we saw in the choice of photo backpack or bag to take on trips, the requirements for the choice of Lens depend on the way we will spend the days on the road. The most important aspects to consider are:

  1. If most of the time is spent in motion, moving mostly on foot, we often do not find conditions that might allow to change Lens
  2. We need the Lens to be sheltered from the weather (which could lead to excess dirt within our reflex)
  3. During a single day visit to different places with different lighting conditions, the subjects to photograph are many and varied and probably will require Lens of different focal lengths, apertures, etc..that can hardly be covered by a single Lens.


From these observations, the following are the requirements:


  1. Kit lenses should not be heavy, no meaning not to struggle during long journeys
  2. The number of Lens has to be reduced, we can not count on being able to change lenses frequently
  3.  Unless we decide a priority to photograph landscapes or only small details, we will need to cover a lot of focal lengths, to take pictures of indoor or outdoor in the evening hours, we will need lenses with wide maximum aperture.


So, this is an average, palatable and digestible article aiming to the most – definitely, more precise article will be published in future on the same topic, but we guess, the major points written in this article are quite valuable.

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