Install fonts using shortcut in Windows 7

It is a new feature that incorporates in Microsoft Windows 7, you can install fonts using a shortcut.

The advantage of installing fonts in the form of shortcuts is that, we can use hundred of fonts very easily, without complicating the situation of installing hundreds of fonts. Got a bit confused? Ok, just follow this tutorial how to install fonts as shortcut in Windows 7.

As usually, Click Start orb, in the search field, type “Fonts” (without the quotation marks) , click “Change font settings” from the list:

Install fonts as shortcuts in Windows 7

The Font settings window will open, Check the box saying “Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut” :

Install fonts as shortcuts in Windows 7-1

Click OK.

Now, go to the folder, where you have downloaded the fonts. You can get lot of fonts for free from

Right click over the font file (unzip if it is a zipped file) and click “Install as Shortcut” from the right click menu:

Install fonts as shortcuts in Windows 7-2

We are showing the example with the Font named “Samarkan” which is a Hindi looking font. After a moment, the source is available as a shortcut, check it from any program, such as Notepad.

Open a text document on the “Format” tab to display the menu, find the entry “Font …” ; with another click to locate the source you have installed:

Install fonts as shortcuts in Windows 7-3 Install fonts as shortcuts in Windows 7-4
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