Why there are pirated versions of Windows 7 and how they look?

Today, for real innocent Windows 7 users, we will discuss outline of what are the methods used to crack Windows 7, why people use them and how the sold packages looks in the real world. These are modified versions of Windows 7 where the WGA anti-piracy system is disabled. It is therefore possible to acquire a free version of the system by these methods.

This is the summary of one computer assembler’s statement to us:   People do not realize when buying a computer because it is pre-installed and included in the price, but Windows 7 is not free and is expensive like all premium software. It therefore explains that there are so many pirated versions circulating on the Internet. It also offers other advantages:

  • Additional software pre-installed (and if they were pirated too).
  • Remove unnecessary tools for an average user from Windows 7 .
  • An optimized and faster than the original (the system is streamlined and more efficient).
  • Furthermore, Microsoft believes that Windows license is valid only on a single computer. You have no right to use your CD to install Windows on a second PC, even if it is possible to activate Windows several times, so it would be possible to do a few times but after a while the key activation becomes invalid.

Windows 7 is a proprietary operating system, you can not modify and redistribute unlike Linux, which is free. If you want to get a legal version of Windows, so you have to buy a new license. You can find a CD in computer stores or online. So, we understood the logic of pirated copy users; which is morally wrong to us. Now, we will move forward towards the other things.   The risks We already discussed in our previous article about the potential risks of using a pirated version of Windows 7. To summarize:

  • Possibility of getting malwares.
  • You are not covered by official support from Microsoft and although updates might exist some how in the pirated versions, they are often less effective.
  • You may be fined for using these versions.
  • It is prohibited to use pirated versions and is more risky for you (or rather for your data and your money  ).


How the crack for Pirated Windows 7 works


  • Microsoft Windows 7 Keygen : Most primitive. Brute forces to activate by generating “unique” keys.
  • Windows 7 activator: Collapses the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) completely or partially.
  • Bootloader: Most advanced. Simulates an OEM machine at BIOS level and thus keep the Windows activated.


How Pirated Windows 7 look like?


They can look like original retail pack to fool innocent users. Microsoft has a dedicated counterfeit gallery to help genuine Windows customers not to become a fool. We are showing you few photos we collected all over the Internet.


Why there are pirated versions of Windows 7 and how they look?



These are low level packages. The buyer is well aware that the copy is not genuine. The picture below is a Chinese pirated version of Windows 7 :   Why there are pirated versions of Windows 7 and how they look?-1


The picture below shows pirated pen drive version of “Signature Edition” of Windows 7:



Why there are pirated versions of Windows 7 and how they look?-2


Why we are alarming the users?


Does Microsoft pays us? No. It is the risk of spreading viruses, malwares and not helping the pirates to make money. An user may not have enough money to buy the Ultimate version of Windows. The user might consider buying Home Premium or Basic. Having little money in wallet is never a sin. User may think of using free Linux if he or she can not pay even the cost of home premium or Basic.   Signature

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