How to change the smilies / emotions in WordPress

WordPress offers a variety of native smilies automatically generated when you enter the shortcut to which they refer. For example, typing “:)” WordPress will convert the text into an image when the publication of an article for a smileyHow to change the smilies-emoticons in WordPress like this. Here is a simple trick that will allow you to replace default emoticons with your own what is sure to give a more personal character to your site or blog.

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This article is quite old and we have upgraded our website’s design twice since when How to change the smilies / emoticons in WordPress was published.

deviantArt uses some user created smilies, you need to take separate usage rights for them.

To comply with current web designing, unfortunately no live example will work.

However, the method written in this article How to change the smilies / emoticons in WordPress will work with current version of WordPress (version 3.7.x).


We have replaced WordPress custom smilies with some others (actually to deviantArt style):

:)    :2cents:    Is not these cool to have own set of emoticons? :cool:


(Notice the same emotions below comment to use)


Now, how to get such? pretty easy.


Step one: Install the required plugin to change the smilies / emotions in WordPress


Download a small plugin to make the things easier. Under Settings, you will get the Smilies option after activating the plugin.

For the advanced users, here is the subversion URI of the Plugin :


Step two: Procedure of installation to change the smilies / emotions in WordPress


Using your favorite FTP client, open the following directory:

Here are stored the default smilies. It remains for us to replace them with ones of your choice. Above all, do a full backup of the file on your PC case to avoid any inconvenience unexpected.

Two solutions now available to you:

Either you create emotions one by one by hand or you need to download from the Internet.


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