Best Geocaching Apps for Android

Best Geocaching Apps for Android gives the Android users the ability to actively participate in Geocaching activity with their Android Tablet or Phone. Please read about Geocaching in details if you are new to Geocaching.


How we have chosen these Best Geocaching Apps for Android


While writing and choosing Apps for this post on Best Geocaching Apps for Android, we have taken the following factors in to our consideration :

  • Usefulness
  • Practical usage
  • Abilities and Added Features
  • Popularity
  • Paid or Free

You can type or copy any name of the Apps listed in this list of Best Geocaching Apps for Android and search it in Play using the Search function.


List of Best Geocaching Apps for Android


Best Geocaching Apps for Android


c:geo – opensource : Simple and always ready-to-go client for Geocaching App from official website of

Geocaching : Go geocaching with your Android phone; Groundspeakβ„’s Official Geocaching App.

GeOrg – Geocaching Organizer : GeOrg is an application for paperless geocaching.

GeoHunter : Go geocaching with this free, open-source, feature-rich app.

OpenCaching : OpenCaching is the official geocaching app for, a geocaching community powered by the user, for the user.

CacheDroid : CacheDroid is a geocaching application for android devices. Its using geocaching data from, a geocaching website provided by Garmin.

CacheMate : App for Geocaching database and navigation tool for Android, with travel bug management, multimedia logs, and live searching of


We hope you can find some of these Best Geocaching Apps for Android to be quite useful.

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