WordPress FTP Full Backup : Backup FTP to ZIP File

WordPress FTP Full Backup is a WordPress Plugin to backup your WordPress FTP using PHP ZipArchive to a ZIP file, save it on server and gives option to download. This is the official page of WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin.


How to use WordPress FTP Full Backup ?


Current WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin has only two php scripts and needs no installation. Simply put these two php files to your WordPress root or inside any folder and just like installing WordPress, run the script from any browser. Basically it uses PHP ZipArchive class ZipArchive(); which can not be used without shell access directly. The first script of WordPress FTP Full Backup plugin checks and shows up your WordPress Installation root (usually the domain name). Depending upon the size of your FTP content, WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin can taken few minutes to few hours to complete the process and will create a zip file on the root where the script is made to run. On the next screen on your browser, you will get the option to download it to your computer as well.


Detailed Guide on how to use WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin


This is a detailed guide how to use WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin. We recommend to use PHPMyAdmin to download your WordPress MySQL database. If the MySQL database is very big, use this method. Even if you use WordPress Export feature, Backup of FTP has to be taken.


So, let us start using WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin. Keep in mind, its not a simple script. If you run it on a non installed WordPress, it will return you to installation page, if there is any error, it will show up. I will show you the advanced setup of WordPress FTP Full Backup script later.

First download the WordPress FTP Full Backup Zip file, you will see two php files inside :


WordPress FTP Full Backup

Open your FTP and ;


(i) If you want a full backup, drop these two files of WordPress FTP Full Backup plugin at root, so that you can point to http://example.com/run.php

(ii) Technically there is no need to backup wp-admin, wp-includes folders, if you do not have an important folder outside WordPress like a downloads folder or an unrelated to WordPress forum in sub directory, you frankly can put these two files to wp-content folder’s root and run WordPress FTP Full Backup from there. That means, it will become –  http://example.com/wp-content/run.php

(iii) It is important to clear the cache and deactivate cache plugins, before running  WordPress FTP Full Backup.


So upload these two files of WordPress FTP Full Backup to root, readme.txt and license.txt are for official usage and future development of WordPress FTP Full Backup, do not upload them :


FTP Full Backup


The website I will run WordPress FTP Full Backup, is windows8build.com, so I should point the browser to :



For proper functioning, you can increase PHP memory limit by adding these lines in .htaccess file (at beginning) :



WordPress FTP Full Backup Screeenshot 1

You can see, WordPress FTP Full Backup is showing the WordPress directory’s name properly. WordPress FTP Full Backup has a GUI that looks absolutely like WordPress files. Simply click the Backup Now button and wait :


The next page will load after WordPress FTP Full Backup has done the work :


WordPress FTP Full Backup Screeenshot 2

What you will see :


  • WordPress FTP Full Backup will save the zip file on your server
  • You can see the hyperlink to download the zip file


Let us check what WordPress FTP Full Backup has done inside FTP :


Download FTP


WordPress FTP Full Backup has created a zip file on FTP as backup too.


Needed Security WordPress FTP Full Backup


  • Always rename the backup.php file after its use, otherwise the whole world will down your FTP content.
  • Alternatively, you can block the access by .htaccess file.
  • There is no need to rename run.php as it depends on backup.php file.


Usefulness and Future Development of WordPress FTP Full Backup Plugin


  • The functions to upload the content as zip to Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, Amazon s3 will be added. There will be a WordPress integration in the next version, so you will not need to rename the file of WordPress FTP Full Backup in future.
  • Even if your WordPress is malware affected, WordPress FTP Full Backup will work as a rescue as it is not dependent on WordPress.


Downloads for WordPress FTP Full Backup


Download ZIP folder of WordPress FTP Full Backup from here.

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