Heroku Cloud With PHP : Advanced Commands for Perfect Setup

Heroku Cloud is an excellent cloud PaaS for free of cost for the developers to test or even run serious instances. Here is some extra shining tips for Heroku. We have quite number of articles on Heroku Cloud; you can simply search with the the phrase Heroku Cloud in the search box of this website to get the list as search result. At minimum, read this one article view the Video Guide on Installing WordPress on Heroku Cloud. That guide was done on Ubuntu, for installing Heroku Tool Belt on Mac OS X, follow this guide.


Heroku Cloud With PHP : Fix All the Missing Parts


It is unfortunate that OS X 10.8 has been bit different than the older our ‘normal’ UNIX like OS from command line. So, if you have not ‘calibrated’ your command line tool, first fix them. You will need to install the minimum things, which are actually covered in that article.

On the Heroku Cloud Server side, the definite issue of Heroku Cloud is – missing PHP zlib extension. For ‘forgetting’ this thing, we basically can not update the plugins of WordPress (on Heroku Cloud) from WordPress Admin. Other missing things, most developers cum bloggers has fixed are – cache, a webroot etc. We will however point out two basic things people get stuck – first time login, creating a SSH key pair and then fixing the missing PHP zlib extension by installing it.


Installing PHP zlib extension on Heroku Cloud


The steps are almost same for Ubuntu and Windows too, but specifically this is for full OS X Server administration (read Mac OS X 10.8). First change directory to .ssh :



This is very nice command, you will get a 1024 bit key pair (public and private keys) with no password prompts and many extra things :



Heroku Cloud With PHP

Then :



Next :



Set the permission rightly for it :



Add the public key :



Installing PHP zlib extension on Heroku Cloud

If your App™s name is afternoon-autumn-6095 ; then clone it you need to run :



Else create a new app :



The next steps of adding git are already written in the previous guide. In short, change directory to that cloned app folder, change app as you need and push it. Now the important steps and commands are :



It is practically indicating you do have the shell access with root permission. I have not discovered the way, its two people worked quite nicely. Run the commands one by one, please understand WHAT you need to change (do not copy paste blindly):



This the part of installing PHP zlib extension on Heroku Cloud. Basically, you add a web root, use it with all features just like a webserver with root access.


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