Easy Guide to Use Git : For Heroku Cloud, GitHub or Anything

Easy Guide to Use Git shows how easily a Git repository can be created, modified or changed, So that you can use excellent Free PaaS like Heroku Cloud easily. Easy Guide to Use Git is intended for those you get scared with Git and commands and can not follow our huge guides on Heroku Cloud. We can understand from the number of pageviews versus number of cloning of Git repositories ! That means a bit fear is still with Git command remaining despite the descriptive guides. This Easy Guide to Use Git will show you how to use any Git, that includes Heroku Cloud, GitHub or any Git.


Easy Guide to Use Git : Basic Things


Already we have said in details what is a Git.  Now the thing is, usually all of the PaaS providers or Repositories has some extra commands – those are customized commands. For example (see this guide to install WordPress on Heroku Cloud. Fully Free self hosted WordPress. For that part, we need to install that service specific add on kind of software or toolbelt. That might or might not have a graphical part but obviously have the CLI part. In case of Heroku, there are special commands too. For Appfog there will be specific commands. Some are a bit more, some less deviated. But if you know the basic UNIX Commands like we said here in List of Indispensable OS X Commands, you will have no issue after reading this guide.


Easy Guide to Use Git : Example with GitHub


Frankly, what we are showing is cheating method to make it easy. This mixture of using GUI plus CLI is actually not right. For example, we created this repository on GitHub for MyBB so that anyone can clone it :



First we created an empty repository on GitHub :

Easy Guide to Use Git
When you will create a repo, GitHub will give you the required commands for initiation. They provides it, others might not provide it. You have to open iTerm2 (or Terminal) and use those commands. Usually these are :



The basic thing is – there is a copy on your computer which you will modify and use the set of above commands to upload them to GitHub. This is for increasing security so that no one can add a malware.

So, from MyBB official website, we can download the MyBB 1.6.9. We can normally unzip it. Great. Now, your Git repo on your computer by default will be under your username – be it Mac, Windows or Linux. From command line it will look like this if you run ls command :
Guide to Use Git
The screenshot is taken in a way so that you can see the iTerm2 command Window and the folders corresponding opened folders in Finder (Explorer in case of Windows). So if we move the unzipped MyBB folder’s content inside that MyBB folder in Finder through GUI, that avoids the scary set of big list of command. Basically we have done that. Then we have again ran the four sets of above commands. That is it. Test yourself with Heroku Cloud.




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