Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography Tips for Beginners are intended for the users who possibly are trying the best from their Camera – be a DSLR, Compact or a Mobile Phone’s camera. We have other related articles like how to take better photography with your digital camera, but the aspects of this article on Photography Tips for Beginners are completely different.


Photography Tips for Beginners : Introduction


Now you are the proud owner of a bridge or a digital SLR or even a good mobile phone camera for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months and you are saying that pressing the shutter feels great, but your photos are actually quite flat and you do not know how to progress in photography. The purpose of this article is to give beginners a starting checklist to which they can refer and move forward. For the experts, do not hesitate to this article photography tips beginners, you might be missing a single small point. For the phone camera photographers, do check the article on Ultimate Checklist For Mobile Phone Photography and Browse through the whole section on Digital Photography.


Photography Tips for Beginners


Browse the instructions carefully : To take good images, it is ultimately unavoidable to go through the manual of the device. This has two virtues : first find out where are the buttons to make the basic settings, secondly to keep in mind the potential advantage or disadvantage of your device, you will have to apply according to your progress.

Buy some books that talks about Optics of Photography : The manual of your camera only describes the functionality of your device. It does not tell you when to use the different settings and do not illustrate with example. A special book will help the beginners to understand the basic concepts and make adjustments accordingly. Else you can read the whole section on Digital Photography for basic idea.

Experiment with your camera : Photography can be very technical, however it has the advantage of being a visual element. Thus, the concepts of “technical” will immediately speak louder when looking at the pictures taken. You can then easily identify the settings to the real life.

Analyze the photos taken on your computer : Take pictures in the field and analyze on your computer screen. The LCD of your camera can not serve you as you make sure your photos are sharp, properly framed or under-exposed or over-exposed.

Subscribe to a magazine explaining photos : Taking great pictures is above all is knowing how to compose the images. To progress in composition and understand why a picture tells a story you must exercise your eye. By subscribing to a magazine explaining the composition and defects of pictures, you make a big step forward.

Go to the forums : There are now forums for all brands of cameras. You can ask any technical questions or composition even if you are a beginner. It is must.

Photography Tips for Beginners


Submit your photos to understand the defects : In the forums you will find sections dedicated to the critical picture where beginners are welcome. Feel free to submit some photos to see how others see them. Make sure you are dealing with expert eyes and flee worthless comments like “it is beautiful” or “I like it too,” and prefer comments that explain the why.

Get inspired : Look beautiful pictures and try to understand why it emerged an emotion, tell a story: where are the strengths? Which begin and end the lines and curves? What are the colors that are used in the composition? Why cut a subject is not a handicap to read the image? DeviantArt is the best place to get inspired.

Take lots of pictures and understand what is wrong : Take lot of pictures. There can not be a day when you will not take at least one picture. The more you more you practice, more you will progress. This is true as long as you take the time to analyze your photos and you understand what are the flaws and strengths of you and your camera.



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