Managing and Delivering Podcast Audio and Video From WordPress

Managing and Delivering Podcast Audio and Video From WordPress can be easily be done in an advanced setup plus you can use CDN or deliver YouTube Video as well. This is the third and last article on installation and series on Podcast. In the first article we have explained about what is Podcast, in the second article, we have shown how to install Podcast Generator, a web software for generating Podcast. We will basically show you the Managing and Delivering Podcast part using that Podcast Generator, using WordPress default function, Rackspace Cloud Files for streaming, configuring Google Feedburner, Editing and creating Podcast and converting YouTube Video to Podcast.


Managing and Delivering Podcast Audio and Video : Official Resources and URLs


As basically Podcast is too closely related to Apple, all reference and ways to create are described here in this guide for Managing and Delivering Podcast Audio and Video From WordPress are based on Apple’s iTunes standard and all editing resources are for Mac.

You will get practically everything about Podcast here :



Please check the sidebar navigations, the links in the text thoroughly. GarageBand has excellent Podcast creation function. There is link. Plus you will basically understand that iTunes has a money making Affiliate system as well. And as we are basically using a separate software in the way we have shown how to install Podcast Generator guide, we basically do not need any kind of WordPress Plugin. That is the second part of the tutorial.


Managing and Delivering Podcast Audio and Video From WordPress


There is no need to use any kind of WordPress plugin for Podcast. That software is more rich in features, will increase your click through rate too. Adding one WP plugin actually increases the burden on database. WordPress by default has a function to Add One MP3 as Podcast. What you need to do is to add a HTML code to link to your that sub folder. Now, there is need to configure Feedburner :


Managing and Delivering Podcast


Feedburner will automatically find your Podcast materials. Our main target is iTunes, not our own website, because we need to make the visitors sticky to read the text (and click Ads), iTunes or rather Podcast is another method for marketing.

So you have YouTube like ours YouTube Channel. There are free online tools which can convert your videos to Podcast :



Basically this is not very good way to follow. The reason is – our target is to convert the iTunes listeners to YouTube watchers and then convert them to website visitor. This model is important both for increasing revenue plus SERP.

So, you can re create trailers for your few videos or give a full video and nicely push your YouTube Channel. Rest is the Cloud Files part. If you use the Cloud File’s Streaming URL (please search our website for more guides on these topics) in WordPress, it will automatically show the download link in Feedburner from CDN.

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