Publish Podcast on iTunes : Detailed Guide

How to Publish Podcast on iTunes in easy steps either from WordPress Platform or any HTML website? Here is the full guide with excellent flow chart. There are many many guides on the web available which shows how to publish Podcast on iTunes, but we can give warranty for the fact that, none of them are even closer in details, covers so much wider audience. Most importantly, this guide is useful both to a technically advanced user as well as just a new user.


How to Publish Podcast on iTunes : The Basics of Podcast and Podcasting


Podcast and Podcasting is broadcasting the media files either as audio or video over internet and combination of the words Pod of iPod and Casting of Broadcasting. Here is a full article that covers the theoretical aspects of Podcast and Podcasting. This is quite important for the new users who are reading how to publish Podcast on iTunes in easy steps – bare reading the steps without knowing the basics never helps to learn yourself.


How to Publish Podcast on iTunes : Generating Podcast



Both WordPress users and non-WordPress users can install Free software on there server for generating Podcast. You can read the guide on Installing Podcast Generator on Rackspace. There are WordPress Plugins for WordPress users, we published two separate articles on the topic Podcasting and WordPress :

  1. Tips for Podcast and WordPress
  2. Managing and Delivering Podcast Audio and Video From WordPress

It is not a crime to read them even if you are using the Podcasting software instead of WordPress – they will not harm you ! Also, you will need to create two creative designs for cover image, the requirements are mentioned here :


  1. One 1400×1400 pixel image
  2. Suitable Text that do not get odd when scaled down
  3. Both PNG and JPG is supported, obviously PNG is better choice while you are using Adobe Photoshop like software (save it for web and you can select more options)


How to Publish Podcast on iTunes : The Last Step


You will enable both SmartCast and Podcast option in Feedburner – there are two links on towards the older articles under the subheader “Generating Podcast” in this post. You will find helpful links for Feedburner part there. Now you need to submit your Podcast it to the iTunes Store. You will do it via the iTunes from your computer. This is tricky. Click the iTunes Store button. Click the Podcast link. Submit Podcast option should be on the right sided sidebar. In the next Window, you’ll get the option after clicking the link. Copy paste your Podcast URL and thats it. We recommend to read this article for the last step for the advanced users :

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