Cloud Computing : Needed Mental Preparation For Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Cloud Computing Does Demands Adequate Mental Preparation For Entrepreneurs and SMEs Who Previously Had No Idea About the Power Grid Computing. How to Proceed? We traditionally providing very practical examples to show up the wrong way of thought towards Cloud Computing and the easiest ways to get a rapid catch up growth. Definitely, Cloud Computing is a buzz word, but accept that; packaged Toothpaste that you use today, was also a buzz word; may be still the Toothpaste companies continues to keep the buzz through billion dollars of Adverts. But, Toothpaste actually has something to really do with dental hygiene. Obviously, you will not use a 1.5 inch piece of Toothpaste to brush your tooth – that is the promotive part; possibly .75 inch will cover the most as, we have constant number of Teeth !

The summary is – everyone will push their own business; it is not only about Cloud Computing.


Cloud Computing : Practical Example Why We Need Mental Preparation


Yesterday, I just accidentally I found one topic on WPMU and thankfully we have been mentioned by Jason :



The original question was :


The user has been using a shared hosting in the past and have experienced slow loading of his/her sites. He is creating a new WP multi site network and he want to make sure it is fast. What do you recommend as a hosting solution and with which company ?


Jason actually gave the appropriate answer. It is not that we are insisting that Jason said the right just because he provided a link to our one guide. His orientation is right. I can not find the Webpage test result right now, but it is on some database related post, where I personally  shown that is possible to load WordPress within 0.86 seconds (first loading time), provided :


  • MySQL is configured with Master Slave replication with Hyper DB Plugin.
  • We used Apache2.2 not nginx; the backend and frontend becomes faster with nginx but if properly configured Apache2.2 will give the same result plus known flexibility
  • Rackspace Cloud Server were used – it was typical 5 server configuration, nowadays 3 server will work fine as Cloud Database can be used flexibly.
  • Two main server and one memcache server
  • Load-balancer as per need
  • All javascripts and css are minified and combined
  • All static files served from various different containers of  Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Genesis is used as Theme (It was some latest colorful responsive theme)
  • No Google or other Ads, Google has worst possible CDN for Ad Delivery. One video Ad can render a webpage that would otherwise load at 1 seconds to get fully loaded at 16 seconds.


OK, we got a bit more leaned towards IaaS, finishing this part faster. For PaaS, Heroku or App Fog or Red Hat OpenShift itself will optimize WordPress. WPMU will not run, but actually Rackspace Cloud Sites is really a good choice at $150 per month – its managed up to the server level. If you go for Rackspace Managed Server ; that is IaaS, simply show them this or our post – I need like this – they will do it. You need not to think about the software level management.


Cloud Computing

If you do a math using our previous post, you will understand; if you are spending more than $500 per month for a managed IaaS with total 1,00,000 pageviews per day, you have some wrong settings. Possibly you are caching too much. Possibly you are not using a good web host who has good UNIX expert. Many daemons never needed to be run on the replication server.

Finally I personally do not think Page Speed matters that much than availability. You can check the page loading times and scores of Google’s core business webpage. Practically there is no optimization. The reason is nothing but to make sure a high availability with less expenditure of CPU and RAM. You are thinking it is sarcastic word – definitely, we must try to load a page within 3 seconds (without Ads, with Ads the results will show falsely low on any web-software to check) but if a click from Google search lands to a blank page – its a total loss. And it happens. That is why there is need of flattening a WordPress website partially by HTML pages. PHP is never so much dependable, specially where .htaccess is making a fine looking permalink. Now think about the complex path – request url to Apache modules. Its quite big flock of works actually. It actually fails sometimes not because of the webhost only. Plus there are nameserver and other many parameters.


Cloud Computing : Needed Mental Preparation For Entrepreneurs and SMEs


Back to our main topic. Cloud Computing is definitely not hosting only. Neither its a buzz word. Its a philosophy to save money when you never need a very very highly secured server like a Bank. Cloud computing has the potential to provide, business processes and business the models on a completely new basis. Especially small and medium enterprises should overcome their reservations. Finally, there is the chance to break away from the competition.


Despite the ever-present media hypes every fifth medium businesses still do not really know what cloud computing really means, or what potential this technology brings with it. Only twelve percent of surveyed small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are already using IT from the cloud, mostly as a software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ), Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ) or platform-as -a-Service ( PaaS ).


The article is becoming complex and many questions are possibly appearing in your mind. If you forget everything of this article, keep only one sentence in mind – If your Cloud Computing platform is not decreasing the total cost versus traditional; either you are doing the wrong or practically you are trying to use more resource than you really need.



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